I am Failing Forward


Not another want to be blogger… If I were you, that’s what I would be thinking too. Recently, my newsfeed has become flooded with new blogs. I swore to myself I would NEVER start a blog… yet here I am, starting a blog.

I’m not starting a blog because I’m a perfect teacher. I’m not starting a blog because I’m a perfect wife. I’m starting this blog because I am perfectly imperfect. I am failing forward. I heard this phrase recently and it resonated with me. That’s what this blog is about. Not perfection… I’m just a teacher and wife trying to do my best to positively impact those around me in my little part of the world. I might not be perfect, but I am giving it all I have and moving forward.

To be blunt, what inspired me to start a teacher Instagram, which has now led to this blog, is that teaching is tiring. I have never had a job that challenges me in SO many ways- mentally, physically… the list goes on and on. I wholeheartedly believe that teaching is my passion, and that this is what God intended for me to be doing with my life. However, this past year, the everyday challenges of teaching certainly started to take a toll on my passion and my spark. I knew I needed to make a change. I have a tendency to overlook the things that go right in my classroom, and to only focus on the things that didn’t go smoothly. I realized I needed to stop being a perfectionist and start celebrating the wins in my classroom, no matter how small. And so began my teacher Instagram. I started posting about the activities, labs, and management techniques that WERE working in my classroom and focusing on my successes. The past two months I have felt my teacher battery being recharged daily by communicating with other teachers and seeing their engaging lessons. This teacher social media community (specifically Instagram) is empowering y’all!

When I started my teacher Instagram, I fully intended on being transparent, celebrating the wins, and reflecting on the struggles. Let me be clear- I do not, and will never, vent negatively about my students on any social media platform. However, I want to be able to share with the teacher Instagram community when I’m having difficulties, because this community builds you up. This community fights teacher burnout (which I was starting to feel the beginning of this year). We rally around one another, remind one another that we are doing the impossible every day, and offer suggestions of how to improve our challenging situations.

However, I have recently felt that I can’t share my struggles, since my students have found my teacher Instagram account. Most of the time, I don’t mind if they see what I share on my teacher account. However, I don’t feel comfortable being quite as candid as I would like to be, knowing a portion of my Instagram audience are current students.

Which leads me to this blog. My hope, is that I can be more candid on this blog. I believe the chances that my students will read this blog are very small… I mean my students go on Instagram and snapchat… blogs are not typically something they spend time reading. I believe that through this blog I will be able to better reflect and share my teaching experiences on a deeper level. My hope is to inspire other teachers to continue to strive to be creative in their classrooms and to help teachers realize that no one is perfect and that’s OKAY! My plan is to eventually also discuss my experiences as a medical student’s wife, because that is a CRAZY journey as well. But for now, I’ll start with teaching.

Keep failing forward teacher friends, because YOU are doing the impossible each and every day! Thank you for joining me on my teacher journey!



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