Six Reasons Why You Need to Treat Yo Self to a JORD Watch this Fall



Hi friends!

This past weekend we celebrated my 27th birthday at our local pumpkin patch! It’s one of my favorite fall traditions that Brandon takes me to our little pumpkin spot during my birthday month. But y’all… this year it was 80 degrees on our trip! I’m usually wrapped in sweaters, scarves, and boots… so I had no idea what to wear this time. Thankfully I was able to rummage through my summer wardrobe to find this fall-ish looking top and paired it with my new, gorgeous watch by JORD.

I am seriously obsessed with this watch, and I’m here to tell you six reasons why you need to treat yo’ self (or someone you love) to one of these unique and beautiful watches this fall


I’m a girl who loves her watches, but frankly, all of my watches look the same. What I love about my JORD watch is that it is completely unique from any other piece I own. Every time I wear my JORD watch, I receive compliments about the watch since the wood band is so eye catching. All of JORD’s watches are made with handcrafted natural wood bands. This gives their watches an unique feel.

There are a variety of styles to choose from, but I’m biased towards the Cassia collection for women. I am in love with the thin, interlaced wood and metal band paired with the modern face clock. It’s also worth noting that this watch is literally the opposite of being bulky (unlike my other watches). I love how lightweight it is and the band has been so well made that it doesn’t pinch your skin… comfort’s important too!


In addition to several designs, most of the JORD watches have several wood and color options. I personally love any neutral, warm tones for fall. So naturally these wood bands fit perfectly into a fall color palette. I love the color combination of my Walnut & Vintage Rose Cassia Series watch. The deep walnut tones mixed with a little rose gold bling is the perfect fall accessory.


Let’s be honest – when I told Brandon I had the opportunity to collaborate with JORD, he was excited for me, but also a little jealous lol. He’s had his eye on these JORD watches for a while, particularly the Hyde collection. What we both love about this line of watches is that there are unique and stunning options for both men and women. I have a feeling Brandon might be getting a new watch for Christmas this year. Shop men’s watches here and women’s watches here!


Which brings me to my next point- I’m definitely getting Brandon’s watch engraved! You can opt for a backplate or box engraving when ordering your watch, which I love since it makes a gift so much more meaningful. I’m thinking of engraving one of the bible verses from our wedding ceremony on the backplate of Brandon’s new watch. Check out the engraving details here!


Every watch has the perfect amount of details. It’s apparent that a great deal of thought and creativity was put into designing these watches. My Cassia watch has sleek roman numerals on the clock face paired with the sapphire crystal. It’s gorgeous y’all!


it’s all fun and games until you find out if your new watch is teacher-lifeproof, and let me tell you, it is! I’m a science teacher, so I’m constantly setting-up and taking down labs. I’ve accidentally spilled liquids on my watch a few times (which I do not recommend… but I’m literally the clumsiest person you will ever meet), and after wiping my watch dry it’s as good as new. I may or may not have accidentally spilled some of that pumpkin beer I’m holding on the watch too… But seriously, if you are as clumsy as me, have no fear – each watch comes with a preserve cleaning oil and polishing cloth to keep your watch looking as good as new.

So what are you waiting for? Click this link here and enter for a chance to win a $100 coupon towards any JORD watch. The best part? Everyone else gets a 10% discount coupon. The giveaway ends 10/28, so enter before time runs out!


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