How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

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Before I jump into some tips on how to decorate for fall on a budget- I want mention why I’m going off the beaten path of sharing teaching content. I’m a little nervous about today’s post. I started this teacher instagram last year, when quite frankly, I was fighting teacher burnout. I had a very challenging group of students (both in my advanced courses and my classes that required more support). By February, I knew I needed to do something to make me happier in the classroom, even though my situation was brutal. Hence, @TeachingwithTira was born! I have loved every second of it! I am a far better teacher because of the teacher instagram community and some of my best ideas are inspired from IG! I have tried to strictly share teaching content (with the occasional random life posts during summer) on my IG, but lately I have felt this tug on my heart to share more. Yes I am a teacher, but that’s not what defines my identity. I’m also a wife to a medical student (a niche and difficult journey), dog mom (but we want 3-4 kids in the future), healthy lifestyle enthusiast (with the occasional sweet treat since I love to bake), lover of crafts, and homebody (who loves to host parties so I can be social and also never leave the house). What I’ve been realizing these few months is that being a teacher is a wonderful gift, but is not what defines me. Yes I love teaching, but I also have passions in other areas in my life. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t think it’s healthy to only have teaching (or any exhausting job) as your main identity. I think if you become so encompassed with teaching (or work in general), you lose sight of the important and beautiful things in life. After reflecting on this the past few months, I’ve decided I’m going to take a big risk, and start widening my content on my instagram. In addition to teaching, I want to start sharing some of my passions! I realize this may not be your cup of tea- but I hope it is! I hope you find inspiration from some of these life posts I start to share. I hope you find them attainable and realistic. And most of all, I hope they remind you to enjoy life outside of the classroom (or desk, cubicle, fill in the blank with your work environment). So without further ado- let’s get to it!



I made this wreath three years ago!








This canvas is a custom painting of our wedding venue. This canvas was on our gift table during our wedding. I absolutely love it.




Tira wanted to be in every photo lol. I had to keep moving her.


Completing any project on a budget has become my skill in life. Brandon’s in medical school and I’m a teacher, you do the math lol. I absolutely love fall! I love everything about it – the colors, recipes, weather, but most of all, the decorations. If you walked into any home decor store the past two months, then you saw the surplus of overpriced fall decor. You may have skipped buying fall decor since it was too pricey, and maybe your home isn’t as decorated as you wanted for the rest of this fall season going into Thanksgiving. Keep reading friend, because I have tips specifically for you!

1. The time to buy fall decor is now!

We are about halfway through October, and believe it or not, the Christmas decorations are already taking over the stores. All of that fall decor you saw a few months ago is now super discounted. Yes it’s a little late in the season, but now is the time to buy fall decor and have it ready to go for next year. Which brings me to my next point…

2. Reuse pieces each year

Yup, I said it. Hi my name is Jackie and since we live on a budget, we reuse fall decorations each year. Some people might find this tacky, but I find it realistic and affordable. I buy fall pieces I think are staples from year to year. I gravitate towards neutral palettes like white, cream, champagnes, light golden, duck egg blue with some warm oranges (not neon orange). Items I have gained in my fall decor over the years that I still love include: “gather” fall pillow, fall wreath (that I made), several different shades of pumpkins, fall scented candles, and some fall signs.

3. Build you fall decor collection

This is probably the most difficult for me, because I want all of the fall things, but I also want to be able to buy groceries lol. So I restrain myself from buying everything, and instead buy a 1-2 pieces each year. Each year I gradually grow my fall decor collection piece by piece, which is much more affordable than buying several items at once.

4. Too expensive to buy? DIY

If something is too expensive for you to purchase, chances are you can make it yourself. Pinterest is flooded with tutorials of how to create fall decorations. I actually made my door wreath about three years ago. I was in graduate school and definitely didn’t have extra cash to spend on a wreath, so I made it myself for half of the price. A fall wreath can easily cost you over $50. However, I will say that Wayfair is having a sale right now and most of their fall wreaths are discounted, click here to go to the site.

5. Don’t forget to buy real fall flowers and pumpkins!

I love flowers! I go to the farmer’s market every Saturday that we are in town and grab myself a bouquet from a local florist who makes the most gorgeous, unique foraged bouquets. Since we’re getting into cooler months, this past Saturday may have been one of the last times they will have flowers for the year. I’m truly devastated, it’s my favorite. I put my fall bouquet on my table paired with some mini white pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch, which is also my fav place to grab decor. I really love going to the pumpkin patch and getting unique pumpkins. We usually get two large pumpkins to carve for Halloween, and then a few beautiful and unique pumpkins to decorate. I love a tricolor stacked pumpkin look (like we have on our front door step). I also really like getting smaller white and orange pumpkins to place around our house.

Where do I buy my fall decor?

My favorite places to buy fall decorations are TJ Maxx (we don’t have a HomeGoods), Hobby Lobby (who is currently doing a 40% fall decor sale), and occasionally Pier 1. Throw in a local farmer’s market and pumpkin patch, and you’ll have yourself some affordable fall decor!

Outfit Details:

Sweater (I have this in cream too), Loft:  click here

Jeans (absolute fav pair right now), Loft: click here

Booties (I got them last Christmas), DSW: for a similar style, click here




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    1. Thank you! I’ve just been adding bit by bit throughout the past years and transitioning our college pieces to adult pieces lol


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