DIY White Pumpkin + Greenery Thanksgiving Tablescape


Hi Friends!

If you haven’t been able to tell from my IG stories lately, Friendsgiving is my favorite day of the year! It’s something I look forward to hosting for weeks and spend days planning and setting up for the get together! This year was our third annual Friendsgiving, which started during Brandon’s first year of medical school. The first year I hosted Friendsgiving, I decided to have the event because, quite honestly, Brandon and his med school friends were about four months into medical school, and I felt like their souls were dying from the amount of studying and stress (honestly now it sounds like an exaggeration, but at the time this is what it felt like lol). I wanted to lift their spirits and give them something to look forward to. Since then, the event has grown from a small last minute event, to a full on dinner party that our friends look forward to each year. This year, we even had friends come back to town for Friendsgiving! What I also love is that our friends who can’t go home for Thanksgiving (home is too far away from school), at least have a Thanksgiving meal!

The first year I did Friendsgiving, I think I had placemats on the table lol?? Last year, I stepped up my game with a table runner, pumpkins, and greenery. BUT I didn’t do anything in advance, and was scrambling last minute to cook and decorate. This year, I was very intentional about having a game plan to work on my tablescape throughout the week so I wouldn’t be running around like crazy!





Version 2






As always, Tira was watching me work. Looks like she had a crumb on her face lol.

DIY White Pumpkin + Greenery Tablescape

If you are hosting a Friendsgiving soon or your own Thanksgiving, there’s still time to grab these items to create the easiest awe-insprining tablescape ever. I swear this was easy. Don’t believe me? Read on!

Materials for one centerpiece (I had two tables):

Links for Dinnerware & Glassware:

*many of these items were things on our wedding registry and were a bit more expensive. BUT – I have tried to find similar items on amazon that are more affordable!

DIY Instructions

  1. Spray paint any orange pumpkins if needed. If you followed along on my IG stories – you saw that the craft pumpkins I was able to find were a mix of cream and orange, so this was my first step. Wrap stems in painters tape (be sure you have covered the entire stem). Spray one coat of Krylon flat white spray paint. Wait at least an hour to ensure pumpkins are dry, and then spray a final coat of Krylon Dover White spray paint. Doing the flat white first helps ensure you have complete coverage before going in with the dover white, otherwise you may end up with yellow pumpkins!
  2. Paint pumpkins with shades of gold. Key point here – remember these are supposed to look hand-painted and imperfect. This will make this process 100% less stressful for you! We’re going for the vintage vibe here. Paint your medium pumpkins with the champagne paint in a light coat. You want to be able to still see the white come through. Next, paint your smaller pumpkins with the gold paint. I chose to do three different designs – full coverage, stripes, and paint strokes on the top. Let dry for 24 hours before handling.
  3. Place your pumpkins. Place the three large pumpkins about 4-6 inches apart. Set the medium pumpkins between the larger pumpkins. Next, add in the smaller pumpkins wherever you think there is a whole. Refer to my pictures for ideas on placement! You will be moving these pumpkins around to place the greenery, but placing the pumpkins first helps to visualize!
  4. Place the greenery. Don’t do this too far ahead of time or your greenery will wilt. I placed it about two hours before guests arrived. Start with any large leaves at the ends. My bundle came with two large Cordyline Green Leaves, which I placed at the ends of my center piece. Next, add in your smaller greenery in the holes. My bundle came with Pittosporum, True Blue Eucalyptus, and Isaraeli Ruscus. I start with laying pieces in the center in opposite directions, underneath my large pumpkins, then slowly fill the holes. Don’t be afraid to cut your greenery into smaller pieces to help fill gaps. Refer to my pics for inspo! The best part about greenery is that it’s supposed to look organic, imperfect, and asymmetrical. I just always try to keep it balanced with the same amount of foliage on each side.
  5. Place votives. The last step is to place your votives around your centerpiece. I just do this wherever there looks like a gap. I purposely do not make this symmetrical on each side! Just be careful that the votives aren’t too close to a pumpkin, I had one pumpkin melt because I placed a votive too close lol.


And that’s it! The easiest, but most BEAUTIFUL tablescape ever! If you decide to set your own DIY White Pumpkin + Greenery Tablescape, be sure to tag me on IG! I love seeing your own projects.





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