DIY Fall Grapevine Wreath + Faux Bow



Hey Friends,

If you are having friends and family over for Thanksgiving this week and haven’t had time to find a pretty fall wreath for your front door – I got your back! This DIY fall grapevine wreath is super simple and a beautiful addition to any front door. I’ve made variations of this wreath several times and they make great gifts! My mom and mother-in-law still put their wreath up each fall!



  • 18 inch grapevine wreath
    • Michaels has it for cheap if you don’t mind going to the store (I personally prefer choosing my wreath in person to make sure I like the shape), find it HERE
    • If you prefer shopping on amazon, you can find it HERE
  • diagonal cutting pliers, find similar HERE
  • fabric scissors, find it HERE
  • Hot glue gun (high temp), find it HERE
  • glue sticks (high temp or multi temp), find it HERE
  • 2-3 bouquets of fall florals with lots of blooms (I got mine from hobby lobby)
  • 1 bouquet of fall florals with long leaf sprays
  • 5 inch burlap ribbon (not wired), find it HERE
  • wire or rubber bands (I ran out of rubber bands… so I used hair ties lol)
  • optional: canvas drop cloth, find it HERE
What most of my pictures with Tira look like lol

DIY Instructions

  1. Prepare a work space and lay out your florals, equipment, and wreath. I prefer working on the floor. Since you are working with hot glue, you may want to place a drop cloth so you don’t get glue on your floors. I like to use a canvas drop cloth over plastic. I have two have had them for over four years. They are fantastic!
  2. Trim and temporarily place blooms on the left side of the wreath. Start with your blooms (not leaves) and use your diagonal cutting pliers to trim the blooms with about a 2 inch stem. Place these blooms to the left side of your wreath. Continue to add blooms until you reach the top center of your wreath. This is simply a “rough draft” and you are placing blooms to get a feel for what you like. I prefer to start with a larger bloom on the bottom (see pictures) and then place various size, shape, and color blooms as I work my way up. I always place my blooms so they “zig-zag” up the wreath, instead of being exactly aligned. Florals always look better when they aren’t 100% perfect (hence why I love them for being so forgiving).
  3. Trim and temporarily place long leaf sprays on the right side of the wreath. I like to get sprays with variation of leaves, husks, grasses, and berries. Place these long pieces of floral to the right of the wreath. Cover the bottom stem of these sprays with 1-2 blooms. I chose to use two blooms in this wreath with the berry detail, which I am so obsessed with!
  4. Make your faux burlap bow. Note: I have posted videos of how to make this bow on my Instagram highlights. Please watch my videos for more details! The pictures show a different burlap pattern than what actually ends up on the wreath, since I filmed myself making this bow on the wreath. 
    1. Cut 3-3.5 feet of burlap using your fabric scissors to cut a clean edge
    2. Start making the first “bunny ear” of your bow. Gather the fabric to make the ear, leaving about 6 inches of burlap on the “leg.”
    3. When you are happy with the size of the ear, use a rubber band to secure the ear. At this point, make sure the bow is big enough, as it is difficult to add volume to the ear after this point. Pull from the back of the bow (so you don’t take away length from the leg.
    4. Repeat steps 2-3 to form the other side of the bow. Pull from the front of the bow (so you don’t pull on the other ear you have already formed).
    5. Cut a piece of burlap about 2 inches wide and wrap around the center of the bow to cover up the rubber bands. Trim away excess fabric as needed. Be sure the rubber bands are completely covered.
    6. Hot glue the center strip of burlap over the rubber bands.
    7. Cut the other leg of burlap so both ends are the same length
  5. Place the bow on your wreath and tweak as needed. Place your bow on your wreath underneath the blooms on the right. At this point, you can add or remove any florals until it looks just right. Use my pictures for inspiration.
  6. Place in leaves. Use the remaining leaves from your bouquets and fill in any gaps. My bouquets also came with berries, which I sprinkled in throughout the bouquet. You want to fill in any areas that look unbalanced or bare.
  7. Hot glue florals and leaves. Carefully hot glue the stems of the florals and place back into the wreath. Be careful not to burn yourself during this process. For whatever reason, I prefer to hot glue the right side of my wreath (including the bow) before the left side.

    my “helper”
Trim stems about 2 inches
All of the blooms, leaves, and bow are temporarily placed on this wreath. Nothing has been glued yet.






Finished wreath!

That’s it! You have yourself a stunning and unique wreath for your guests to admire on their way into your home for some Turkey! If you make your own wreath, please tag me on instagram @teachingwithtira I love seeing your projects!!












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