Christmas Magnolia Wreath Inspired Front Door


Hey Friends!

It is getting colddddddd here! That’s why it has taken so long to get this blog post up about our Christmas front door! We’ve had everything ready to go since Sunday, but it’s been too bitterly cold and windy to go on a walk to find logs to go in our basket. I finally bribed Brandon to go out in the cold with me with a batch of cookies…. which are coming to the blog next week (and this cookie idea is the PERFECT gift)!

So here we go! Here’s the scoop on how we decorated our front door for Christmas.




Magnolia Wreath

I found THIS magnolia wreath at Hobby Lobby (and at the time this was posted, it’s on sale!). This wreath is made with EVA polyester magnolia leaves that look SO real, which is why I was drawn to it. Usually the fake magnolia leaves look super artificial, which is not my jam. However, since this wreath looks so life-like, I decided to go with a polyester leaf, as I want this wreath to last year after year. That’s a hard task for a real magnolia leaf wreath, but the faux polyester leaves can definitely stand some wear and tare.

I added in a few red berry + pinecone picks I saved from my Costco wreath last year. You can find similar HERE on amazon. These look so beautiful I’m definitely buying myself a set to use in other places in my home! They are super versatile and can be used in garlands, as gift toppers, and in center pieces! In my opinion, anything that has a multipurpose use and is a staple year after year is something worth investing in for your Christmas decor collection.  Hang your magnolia wreath with a command hook (like THIS ONE) and you won’t have to worry about finding a wreath hanger (I have to say, they aren’t my favorite thing to look at).

Side note: I love the Costco live greenery wreaths! They are perfect to hang on your door or use as a centerpiece, BUT this year I wanted something with magnolia, which is the only reason I decided not to get another one of their wreaths. But they are a fantastic option and last all season. 


Live Garland

We always get our Christmas live garland from Costco. In stores, they have a variety of Garland… my store typically always carries a garland with a mix of cedar and pine. I can’t find the exact garland online, but THIS ONE looks very similar (and the price won’t break the bank)! I have to hand it to Brooke at Nesting with Grace for giving simple tricks to hang greenery (both inside and outside). We just placed three nails along the top of the door frame to hang the garland on top – it couldn’t be simpler!


Warm White Lights

We wrapped Martha living 50 LE Crystal C5 Lights around the garland, find extremely similar HERE and HERE. I love these lights because they are larger and have the crystal pattern. They just look so inviting with the warm white glow. The exact type we have are no longer available, but the two products listed are extremely similar!


Lantern + Ornaments

I found THIS large lantern holder at target, and I love it! Since it’s a neutral color, I’m going to use it throughout the year in different seasons. The product description says it’s for indoor use, but our front door is covered, so I’m hoping it works outside. I also bought a LED candle from hobby lobby (but they don’t have it listed on their website). I found a cheaper similar LED light HERE. I really felt like it needed a pop of color so I found small red ornaments from Hobby Lobby. Again they don’t have them on their website, but I found extremely similar one’s HERE. I love the mix of glitter, shiny, and matte finish.

Basket + Logs

I found this wire basket at Hobby Lobby (the exact one isn’t online) but THIS wire basket from amazon is similar and would work just as well! I would get the large size! Just be mindful if your front porch is covered (like ours) or if you need something more weatherproof… this item does not say it is for outdoor use. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, I would suggest taking a walk through their basket area. They have a TON of baskets not on their website.

We found logs for our basket literally right down the road. I have to give a huge shout out to my husband for sawing a literal tree just so I could have these beauties in my basket. We were all set to go walking way down into the woods near our house… just as we turned out of our street – we noticed this huge tree branch that was laying there. It was perfect for what we needed! It was also 20 degrees and windy as ever… so my husband is an actual angel for going out in the tundra and sawing this tree (while looking like a weirdo) for me.

Even though I love how this came together (and the free price tag), I will say it was a bit of a task trying to get this wood. If you don’t have a handsaw or don’t want to go looking in the woods for some logs, I would totally get THESE white birch logs. Don’t you love them?!

And that’s it!! I really am loving how our front door turned out. I have a habit of tweaking things throughout the season… so don’t be surprised if you see me playing around with this space. But for now, this just feels right and I absolutely love coming home to this door.


Exciting addition to blog to come…

Before I go – I want to let you know about a fun addition to my blog! I am researching how to add an email subscription box to my page where I can send monthly newsletters. Newsletters will include any updates about the blog and at least one freebie a month! That’s it! One newsletter a month, full of freebies and giveaways! My hope is to have a Christmas downloadable freebie offered this week to anyone who signs up! BUT I am struggling finding a newsletter plug-in for WordPress (the platform I use to blog) that will help me achieve this. If you know of any, please leave a comment, email me, or DM on instagram. I would love to get this idea off the ground, but I’m struggling here. Thank you in advance, any advice or suggestions are MUCH appreciated!









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