The Trending Gift for Him this Holiday Season: JORD Watch

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Are you looking for a gift he will LOVE this year but not sure what to get him? My husband is one of the most difficult people to shop for, but THIS JORD watch is one of his favorite Christmas gifts, and is a gift he will actually wear on the reg!


You all know I love my JORD watch (you can find my post about my fall JORD watch HERE)- I get compliments on it all of the time! I’m so excited to be working with JORD again to bring y’all another generous giveaway for $100 towards any JORD watch.


Christmas came a little early this year for Brandon, as he got his very own JORD watch this month and he loves it! Honestly, Brandon is one of the hardest people to shop for. He is so particular about every single detail and incredibly observant. That’s why I was so thankful to find out that JORD has several men’s watches to choose from, all of which are stunning and sleek. You can’t go wrong with any of these watch styles. Brandon has THIS Hyde Kosso & Gray watch. He really likes the neutral wood tone + gray face plate since he can wear it with any outfit. He also really liked the Hyde Walnut & Black and the Hyde Ebony & Iron. You can shop all of the men’s style watches HERE.


One of the main reasons Brandon loves his new watch is that he can dress it up or down. His JORD watch has a modern and sleek style so it is perfect for professional wear to the hospital while working with physicians, residents, and patients. But he also can easily wear it with a pair of jeans and pullover when we’re doing something more laid back after work. He’s all about functionality, and this watch is so versatile that he can wear it anywhere.


Brandon also has had several colleagues ask about the wood band and it has turned into a conversation starter. I mean, there’s no other company that is creating luxury wood watches. It’s definitely a piece that gets noticed! Many of you know that Brandon is a third year medical student working with several physicians as he treats patients. He is working in a fast paced environment, often running from one task to the next. Being able to pause and talk about the JORD watch has actually turned into a pretty organic way discuss things besides medicine, which I think is pretty neat.


I also am obsessed with how JORD allows you to personalize your watches with an engraving on the box or the backplate of the watch. It makes it the most thoughtful gift! I surprised Brandon by getting the bible verse from our wedding ceremony engraved on the back of his watch. He is extremely difficult to surprise, and he wasn’t expecting the engraving at all. I FINALLY was able to surprise him with a meaningful touch. You can find more info on engraving HERE.


Y’all know that we are watch people. We both are constantly checking the time for our professions, and having a beautiful and unique watch is totally up our ally. That’s why I am so excited to partner with JORD to bring you another generous giveaway. Follow the link below to enter the $100 giveaway towards a JORD watch. The winner will be randomly selected on 1/2/19. Everyone who enters the giveaway also gets a 10% off coupon, so everyone’s a winner!

***Enter the $100 Giveaway to a JORD watch HERE 

Andddd if you’re like me and sometimes start to shop for yourself while shopping for others (whoops lol), you can find the ladies watches HERE!

Let me know what JORD watch is your favorite!



ALSO, I had to sneak in a couple of pictures of our six-week old nephew. We are so in love with him! We had family pictures this weekend and loved every second we got to snuggle him. Poor thing has his first cold and just wanted to be held. 


Wooden Wrist Watch

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