Magnolia Leaf Christmas Centerpiece

Hey Friends!

I cannot believe we are so close to Christmas! Where has the time gone?! I am so ready for Christmas break (even though I’ve recently had several snow days…)


Today I’m sharing how I put together this incredibly easy and stunning Christmas centerpiece for our kitchen table. We don’t have a separate dining room from an everyday kitchen table in our current rental townhouse, so if I did have a dining room, this centerpiece would be perfect for that formal space. In all honesty, most of the time we eat dinner sitting on the couch using our coffee table LOL… so I’m able to swing this centerpiece for the entire season without worrying that it’s going to get ruined from everyday wear and tare.

Neutral Table Runner

I started with a table runner from Pottery Barn in Flax, find it HERE. Our sweet friends got us this table runner as a wedding gift with our monogram on it. The only complaint I have is that the iron did not get the wrinkles out, I think I need to invest in a steamer!





Chalk Painted Candle Holders

I bought two large and two small unfinished wooden candle holders from Hobby Lobby, find them HERE. However, I will say that amazon has several similar candle holders for half the price. Buy a pack of two large candlestick holders HERE. Buy a pack of two small candlestick holders HERE.

Don’t forget to get candles! If you bought the candle holders from Hobby Lobby (like I did, even though they are more expensive),  buy thick candle pillars HERE. If you bought the amazon candlestick holders, buy these candle sticks HERE.

I chose to buy unfinished candle holders because finished candle holders can cost more than $20 for one candle holder! I just decided to finish them myself so I would spend a fraction of the price. I used Annie Sloan’s Old White chalk paint, followed by clear wax, distressing, and dark wax. Find all of Annie Sloan’s products HERE. Head to my Instagram highlights to see how I waxed and distressed the candle holders. I will be writing a blog post on how I use Annie Sloan’s products to paint and distress furniture, however that will be a LONG post so I’m waiting until I have some more time to complete that project. Until then, hopefully my Instagram highlights help! I placed my candle holders equidistant apart, with the larger candles in the middle and the shorter candles on the ends.



Christmas Floral

Y’all known I’ve been on a magnolia leaf kick lately (remember that Christmas Magnolia Wreath Inspired Front Door). So when I saw that Hobby Lobby had their magnolia leaf bundles for 50% off I had to grab them. I bought three bunches of faux magnolia leaves, flocked pine needles, and red berries from Hobby Lobby. Then I used my diagonal cutters, find them HERE, to cut through the wire to separate the floral bunches into more manageable leaves and smaller bunches.

I first placed the magnolia leaves on the table runner and evenly distributed them around the candle sticks. I tried to have the leaves facing out from the center of the table runner and at an angle. I then went in with the flocked pine and worked in a similar fashion, angling the pieces as needed. Lastly, I tucked in little hints of the red berries to tie it all together. It was super easy! I sometimes go back and move leaves and garland around a bit, which is super easy since nothing is hot glued down!




This couldn’t have been simpler. Once the candle holders were finished, placing the floral took less than thirty minutes.


Have y’all noticed that Tira always wants to be in my pictures?!

Are you inspired by this Magnolia Leaf Christmas Centerpiece? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram! Be sure to tag me on Instagram if this inspires you to put together a Christmas centerpiece @jackieanneblog I LOVE seeing your projects.




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