F-Factor Step 1 Recipe Roundup

Hey Friends,

What if I told you that I’ve been eating those pizzas (yup those yummy looking pizzas above) every day the past two weeks and have lost weight? Well this post is for you! Read on!

So actually, the real reason those pizzas are the featured image is that I did not have it in me to get somewhat presentable and take a picture cooking healthy foods for this blog post #strugglebus. I have been soo sick the past few days, and it’s been terrible timing! I had some major things I wanted to get marked off my to-do list with rearranging my craft room, getting some chalk paint projects completed, styling our bedroom, AND I wanted to start Kayla BBG again. Not to mention, grades are due (it’s the end of the grading quarter) and it’s sorority recruitment time (I’m an advisor of my undergrad sorority) so I’ve been popping into the sorority house much more than normal. I mean there’s never a good time to get sick, but this week was not the week. Needless to say, many of those things have taken the backseat while I try to get over this nasty cold. But something that hasn’t gone off my radar is our progress on the F-Factor Diet!

Brandon and I wrapped up Step 1 on F-Factor this week, and are moving on to Step 2! I am SO excited!! If you missed my 2019 Health goals, click HERE to read what exactly F-Factor is and why I am obsessed with it! Step 1 is definitely the most “diet-like” and whenever I switch gears to Step 2, it seriously doesn’t feel like a diet at all. Step 2 allows more net carbohydrates a day, which for me means I usually add in some more fruit or some banana chocolate mug cakes (my favorite).

To give y’all an idea of what we experienced on Step 1-

  • I lost 3 pounds (which is huge considering my goal weight was to lose 7 pounds). Brandon lost 9 pounds!!
  • We both feel more energy and are less bloated
  • I personally have had less acne breakouts, slept better, and less anxiety

Now that we have finished Step 1 together, I wanted to do a little round-up of the recipes we LOVE since so many people have messaged me about what we are eating. We both have pretty busy mornings and lunches, so we gravitate towards things that are easy and on-the-go. I also repeat recipes, so there’s probably not as many listed as you would think for two weeks worth of meals. As for dinner, we are huge leftover fans (click HERE to read how we meal plan and utilize leftovers so we aren’t always cooking/cleaning).

P.S. y’all I am NOT a food blogger, that ish is hard work! I am sharing this post because so many people have asked that I do share. But I literally snapped last minute pictures of my food when I remembered (like 50% of the time) and went on with eating lol. Sorry these pictures are awful… but maybe I’ll improve with time lol.

Note: Some of these recipes are found in the F-Factor book, make sure you get THIS one (there are a few out there). I also reference gg crackers a lot THIS is what I use!

Step 1 Favorite Breakfast Recipes

  •  Yogurt Berry Bowl (I eat this 5-6 mornings a week! There is a variation of this in the F-Factor book)
    • 6 oz Fage 0% total plain greek yogurt
    • 1 cup mixed berries (I try to do mostly blackberries + raspberries since they are highest in fiber)
    • 1/2 C All-Bran Buds
    • 2 tablespoons hemp seeds
    • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • High Fiber GG Pancakes (there are a couple of pancake recipes out there, this one is my favorite! Add in 1/2 tsp baking powder for fluffy pancakes and sprinkle with blueberries. I make a batch of these the beginning of the week and we microwave them in the mornings. I top with berries and almond butter) Find the recipe HERE
  • Mixed Berry “Oatmeal” (I have been eating this a lot lately since I’ve been sick. I don’t like to add the scoop of 20/20 protein, instead I just eat a hardboiled egg or add a scoop of protein powder to my coffee. Drizzle with some almond butter) Find the recipe HERE
  • Berry 20/20 Smoothie (Brandon loves this! He adds a handful of spinach to it for extra fiber and vitamins). Find the recipe HERE
  • 20/20 Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie (This is my personal favorite for quick and on the go) Find the recipe HERE
  • Red Zinger Smoothie (I love the beets and ginger in this one! We use the pre-made ginger paste in a tube so it’s easy to make in the mornings). Find the recipe HERE
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie (another smoothie that Brandon likes). Find the recipe HERE
  • Veggie Scrambled Eggs + Turkey Bacon + gg crackers. What’s funny about the recipes listed above is that we LOVE eggs, but during the week we don’t have time to make them. On the weekend, we’ll add in spinach, peppers, and onions to scrambled eggs with a side of avocado and turkey bacon (make sure no sugar is added) and eat on top of 4 gg crackers. 
Yogurt Berry Bowl! What I eat most mornings!!
Mixed Berry “Oatmeal” has been my jam lately because it feels so good on my sore throat. I pair it with boiled eggs for extra protein since I don’t like adding protein powder to my “oatmeal”
Spinach/Mushroom Egg White Scramble with Feta… okay going to be honest, my portion for the feta here was a little too much lol. Paired the scramble with a bowl of Bran-Buds for #fiber

Step 1 Favorite Lunch Recipes

  • Classic Greek Salad + Baked Chicken Breast
    • 4-6oz baked chicken breast
    • tomatos
    • feta cheese (use portion control here.. I get a container of feta and divide it among 4-6 salads for the week)
    • red onion
    • cucumber
    • artichokes
    • greek olives (just a few per salad… they can add up quick)
    • mixed greens
    • Dressing: extra virgin olive oil + balsamic vinegar + salt/pepper
  • Shrimp with Feta Cheese Arugula Salad (I get the shrimp steamed at the grocery store so it’s super easy to make) Find the recipe in the F-Factor book (linked above in this post)
  • Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette (I added baked chicken breast to this. It was sooo good) Find the recipe in the F-Factor book (linked above in this post)
  • Whatever is in the fridge Salad (kinda kidding, but not really lol. I’ll add whatever veggies we have on a bed of lettuce with a protein and call it lunch)
    • mixed greens
    • lean protein: boiled egg, shrimp, baked chicken
    • whatever veggies we have: broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, artichokes, bell peppers, celery, onions, tomatoes, etc.
    • Dressing: extra virgin olive oil + vinegar + spices OR extra virgin olive oil + Dijon mustard + lemon juice + salt/pepper
  • Dinner leftovers (yup, sometimes leftovers are the easiest lunch!!)
A peak into how I prep salads for multiple days. 

Step 1 Favorite Dinner Recipes

  • Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs + Zucchini Noodles (hands down, one of our favorite dinners!! We always use Rao’s marinara. I half the recipe so it makes 20 meatballs, which will last us two nights. I also use ground turkey 93% lean. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes) Find the recipe in the F-Factor book or HERE
  • Baked Salmon Variations + roasted veggies (we will bake salmon and play with spices. Sometimes we’ll do garlic and herb, lemon, or blackened. I even stuffed it with crab last week with some gg crackers – so good! Always pair with roasted or steam veggies and it’s an easy weeknight dinner)
  • Tandoori Chicken and roasted veggies (if you like Indian, this one is amazing and its super easy to bake in the oven) Find the recipe in the F-Factor book (linked above in this post)
  • Turkey Meat Loaf + Mashed Cauliflower (I’m not big on meatloaf, but Brandon is, and this was super simple. I added a “ketchup” topping by making the Whole 30 ketchup. It was super good comfort food) Find the recipe in the F-Factor book (linked above in this post)
  • Greek-Styled Pork + Greek Salad (I was blown away by how easy this was to make and how delicious it was. You can serve the pork over cauliflower rice too) Find the recipe in the F-Factor book (linked above in this post)
This salmon stuffed with a gg cracker + crab mixture was amazing. I feel like I need to make a blog post about this! I winged it and it was so good!
Greek-Styled Pork + Greek Salad was amazing! I haven’t been feeling too well this week, so drinking seltzer water instead of wine. But the best part of F-Factor is that you can have wine!!
Turkey Meat Loaf + Mashed Cauliflower was 100% comfort food. Made this right when I was starting to feel super sick and it hit the spot. I winged this mashed cauliflower and I feel like they deserve their own blog post!
This picture just does not do this recipe justice. I honestly may be the worst blogger ever lol. But this Tandoori Chicken and roasted veggie meal was amazing. 

Step 1 Favorite Snack Recipes

  • GG Pizzas (would you believe me if I told you I eat this almost every day and lose weight? It’s true! I love these.. I hate cottage cheese, so I use part skim mozzarella instead) Find the recipe HERE
  • GG crackers + laughing cow light swiss wedge + turkey deli meat (this is super easy if you need something quick with protein)
  • High Fiber cereal (sometimes a serving of All-Bran Buds or Fiber One Original with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk does the trick)
  • GG crackers + PB2 (this is really easy for travel since PB2 doesn’t require refrigeration) 

We also keep boiled eggs, precut veggies, and part-skim mozzarella string cheese in the fridge at all times. These things aren’t filled with fiber, but if we pair them with a high fiber cracker or cereal, it’s a good option to have on hand!

GG Pizzas are the best part of my day… kidding but not kidding. 

And there you have it! A little list of what we’ve been eating the past two weeks to help us lose some holiday weight! I’ll be updating y’all in a couple of weeks with our favorite Step 2 recipes. Let me know if you try any of these in the meantime!

As I update with more F-Factor and healthy recipes, how do you like to read them? Do you prefer a list like this that’s comprehensive but not as detailed? Or do you want to see more specific recipes (for example, instead of telling you I make several variations of salmon per week with no details, I would instead do a blog post on my salmon recipe(s) with instructions).  Let me know!!



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Health Disclaimer:

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4 thoughts on “F-Factor Step 1 Recipe Roundup

  1. Jackie, this was such a helpful blog post! I have been wanting to start F Factor-Step 1, but got a little overwhelmed in trying to plan simple, easy meals. Thank you!!


    1. Thanks Dayna!! So sorry for the late reply! I hope you give F-Factor a try! I truly love the diet and finally feel like I have a healthy relationship with food!


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