Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Centerpiece + our Favorite Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies

I have a soft spot for flowers. Flowers bring me joy. There’s just something about how flowers brighten and freshen up a room.


My local florist from the farmer’s market won’t have any flowers until April, and my grocery store hasn’t had the best variety to choose from either. So I decided to go with a faux floral arrangement instead. I will usually choose fresh over faux, but for my situation, I think this turned out pretty beautiful!






A quick note before I jump in about how I created this simple arrangement- I’ve decided to start using our serving platters, trays, and bowls from our wedding gifts in our everyday decor. I’ve been keeping these items tucked away in a cabinet and only bring them out for special occasions. Meaning I only use them a few times a year. I absolutely love these items and I was pretty sad thinking how little I was actually using them. So I’ve made the decision this month to use more of these items in my everyday decor. And I am LOVING it! Don’t feel pressured to go out and by something new. Look at the items you have already and see if you can bring them to life in a different way!

IMG_3180 2

IMG_3173 2
caught eating a cookie mid photo shoot lol

What You’ll Need for the Centerpiece:

  • Footed serving bowl or any item that can serve as a shallow “vase” for your arrangement. I used this Napoli Footed Serve Bowl from Pottery Barn (a wedding gift) find it HERE
  • Floral foam block, find it HERE
  • Variety of faux white and blush peony or large rose blooms. I used 5 blush and 5 white
  • A bunch of faux greenery (whatever floats your boat); I chose a vine with white and green leaves
  • 1 white hydrangea
  • Diagonal cutting pliers, find similar HERE


DIY Centerpiece:

  1. Start with placing one foam block in the center of your bowl/vase
  2. Evenly disperse the greenery throughout. You can either lay the stems on top of the foam block or stick the in the block to achieve height. I did a little of both. Use the cutting pliers if needed to shorten or separate the stems.
  3. Place each peony by either sticking the stem inside the foam block or placing on top, I did both. Try to evenly disperse them. I also tried to make sure a few of my blooms were standing higher than others to vary the height. You will likely need to trim the stems with the pliers.
  4. Cut the hydrangea into little bunches and then fill the gaps between the larger blooms. It kind of breaks my heart to do this to a pretty hydrangea, but I really love how it fills the gaps and achieve a light and airy look.
  5. Have a cup of tea and admire your work!!

IMG_3182 2



Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies

These cookies are Brandon’s favorite (and would be my favorite too if I wasn’t a chocolate girl). He’s been asking for these cookies since December, so I figured it was time to bust them out for Valentine’s Day. Many of you know that we aren’t together during the work week this month and visit each other on the weekends (Brandon is completing an away rotation). So there’s a chance we won’t be together on Valentine’s Day this year. I thought sending him back with a batch of these cookies would be the perfect early Valentine’s Day gift.



Find the recipe HERE from my girl, Sally! FYI this recipe requires at least 4 hours to chill and then at least 30 minutes to cool before glazing… plan ahead!


I only make a few modifications to her recipe: I make large cookies, so about 2 tablespoons of dough for each cookie. I also use the end of a wooden spoon to help with the jam wells if my nails are long (like right now). If the jam you are using is too thick, just add a little water so it melts down and fills the entire well when baking! Hope you love these!!

IMG_2996 2

Tira is the world’s best food begger

Hoping this centerpiece and cookie recipe brings you some inspo for Valentine’s Day this week!


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