All About My Experience of Tidying Up my Clothes

Alright friends, so many of you had lots of questions about how tidying my closet went, I decided to do a little blog post about my experience. I’m going over some of the major questions I got while showing the process on my Instagram (I have saved this to my IG highlights, click HERE to head to my IG), as well as listing some youtube videos in the bottom of this post that helped me learn to fold Marie Kondo style.

IMG_3048 2

What is Tidying Up?

Tidying Up is a show on Netflix right now that has resonated with so many people. Some people love it, some people hate it! Marie Kondo, author of THIS book, helps families declutter their homes and only hang on to things that bring them joy through the Kon Marie method. Essentially, she gives people the freedom to get rid of clutter, which hopefully alleviates stress in other areas of life as well. The method starts with clothes, then books, then paper, then konomo (pretty much every other space), and lastly sentimental items. I have only tackled clothes… TBA on the other aspects.

IMG_3075 2
Tira has a thing for laying on my clean clothes… she lays on my clothes every time I’m trying to fold!



What you should know before you start Tidying…

Brandon and I watched Tidying Up a couple of weeks ago, and the very next day I was inspired to tidy my closet and dresser. Here’s the problem though… I had no idea how much time it would take! From start to finish it took me a solid five days to get through all of my clothes. I was NOT prepared to go into the work week while also trying to go through all of my clothes. My advice is to start this process when you actually have the time. Make sure you have a solid three days where you can devote time to going through your clothes.

IMG_3058 2

I also recommend having trash bags on hand to sort clothes in for donation and trash piles. I went through about four bags in my own clothes. Having small boxes to organize items in your drawers is also super helpful. I have boxes for my sports bras and panties, which are normally a mess in my drawers.


I also saw Marie talk about getting your space ready to declutter. I forget if this was on Netflix or youtube, but regardless, this is a great tip! Grab yourself a hot cup of coffee, play music you like, and light a candle. This will be a stressful process, so doing what you can to set an enjoyable environment really does help! 

leggings, camis, tanks, PJs
tights, jeans, misc shirts from school

Love-Hate Relationship

I experienced the epitome of a love-hate relationship with this process. I initially was super pumped going into it, but after day two I was SO over the process and just wanted to be finished. Granted, I had no idea what to expect and in hindsight I should have planned better to give myself time to get this done. I was pretty stressed throughout the week trying to get ready for work while all of my clothes were still in huge piles on the floor.


BUT then came the love part of this whole process that made me thankful for sticking it out – which is why I decided to write this post. Now that I have gone through all of my clothes, I’m amazed how liberated and organized I feel. It’s surprising how having an organized closet and dresser full of items that only bring me joy truly brings me more calmness in my world. Getting ready is no longer a hassle, I know where everything is. I’m more motivated to put my clothes away immediately, and actually take pride in how my closet and dresser look. I LOVE the results of this maddening process!

sport bras in the bin, workout tops/pants/jackets
t-shirts color coded
bra, underwear, socks

So is this a long-term, sustainable solution?

I’ve had my closet and dresser organized for about two weeks now, and truth be told – it is still organized. Seriously I can’t believe it.

Putting away clothes has always been a struggle for me. I used to hate folding my clothes because I knew in a few days my drawers would be a mess. However, with Marie Kondo’s folding method, my drawers have stayed organized and I actually can find things to wear extremely easily. Now that I’ve taken the time to organize my clothes into this system, I doubt I will ever stop doing it.


Resources that helped me learn to fold

The closet organization was pretty easy for me, but I struggled with folding. I needed a more step-by-step guide than what I saw on the Netflix show. The following are links I found to help me learn to fold correctly:

Socks, bras, underwear, tights leggings HERE

basics of t-shirts, long sleeves, pants, underwear, shorts HERE

sweatshirts and hoodies HERE 

So if you’re considering giving this a go with your clothes – I really do recommend it! If I can do it, you can absolutely do it!


Some links may be affiliate links- at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission. As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases. 




2 thoughts on “All About My Experience of Tidying Up my Clothes

  1. I love how you broke down the process! I too have Marie KONDO-ed my clothes! I am a bit of a rule breaker and did not do the “pile-them-all-in-one-pile” , but broke down into categories! Shirts one day, pants the next and so on! It made it less stressful and I was able to tackle it easier! It has been a couple months and yes, it is still organized!! I am suprising myself, lol.
    Cute pup 🙂


    1. I love that idea of breaking down the massive pile into categories! That would have definitely been less overwhelming and something I felt like I could tackle one day at a time!


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