How to Style with Books Featuring Everwood & Co + Coupon Code

**Everwood & Co coupon code for 10% off: JACKIEANNEBLOG

(this code never expires, so write this down and save it for when you need a new book stack girlfriend) 


Happy Tuesday!

I’m still living my best life on spring break – which means I have time to play with different styling ideas in our townhouse! This week I’ve been having a ton of fun styling my new book stacks from Everwood & Co (Instagram and y’all I’m obsessed!


If you’ve been following me for the past couple of months, then you know I’ve had a thing for books lately. My go to move in any space is to add in some neutral stacked books and tada- you have yourself a cozy little space!! That’s why I was drawn to Everwood & Co’s book stacks, they seamless fit into our home decor and add a more personalized touch compared to using thrift store books.


Before I dive into how to style with books, I want to tell you why Everwood & Co is my favorite company to buy book stacks from! Everwood & Co is 100% customizable! From the font, quote, number of books, type of ribbon – they will personalize it all for you! That’s why I love supporting this small business, they provide amazing customer service and help work with you to create a personalized product! They are continuously creating new products (some aren’t even listed on their Etsy shop) for their customers, and I think that is incredibly special. They have recently started painting florals on the spines of the book stacks, and I am in love!! Lastly, Everwood & Co has set their book stacks at a really great price point. They are affordable and make the perfect gift. And if you’re not sold yet, use my coupon code below to take off an extra 10%!!

**Everwood & Co coupon code for 10% off: JACKIEANNEBLOG

(this code never expires, so write this down and save it for when you need a new book stack girlfriend) 


Alright let’s get to it – these are my tips on how to style with books, featuring Everwood & Co!

1. Consider areas in your home to style with books

If you’ve never styled with books before, you may be wondering where to begin. Honestly, the answer is ANYWHERE! But that may be a little overwhelming, so let me give you some more ideas. I like to add in books in places I want to cultivate a cozy and warm environment. They’re great for smaller spaces or corners where you can’t fit a ton of decor, but want to add in a little character. I love to add books to my end tables, nightstands, coffee tables, desks, buffet table, wooden stools, and bookshelves (you’re probably thinking duh, but it’s not what you think). In all of these spaces, I like to stack the books on their sides so they are laying horizontal, including on the bookshelf. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have been painting a bookshelf in my craft room. Once my bookshelf is finished, I plan on styling it with one of my book stacks from Everwood & Co! Stay tuned for inspiration!

IMG_3679 2

2.  Choose neutral colors and pages

Y’all know I’m a neutral girl, so I like to use books with neutral spines and pages. That way, no matter if I am styling the books with the spines or pages showing, they will match my decor. My house has a lot of whites, creams, and grays, with hints of blues, greens, and dark wood. So the neutral books are great because they fit in every room (and since I am constantly rearranging my decor, this is a bonus). This is another reason why I love to get book stacks from Everwood & Co, the books and pages are neutral, so they can be styled anywhere in my home easily!


3. Use personalized book stacks for statement pieces

Are you looking for a decor piece that will be a statement and add a personalized touch to your space? Take it up a notch by using personalized book stacks (like the one’s from Everwood & Co) and focus your design around the stacks! If you are using regular thrift store books with nothing special on the spines, it’s difficult to make them the focal point of a design. However, if you add a personalized stack with a unique quote or phrase on them, it becomes an interesting and beautiful piece to focus on and design around.


4. Pair with greenery

After I have chosen my location, I first place the books and then I add in greenery. I loveeeeee faux greenery. It makes my heart happy adding in a cute little plant anywhere. I don’t know if it’s the biology teacher in me or what, but I have a thing for adding faux greenery throughout our home. The little faux greenery plants from TJ Maxx are my jam (I have like 10 lol) and I usually pair one with the stack.

IMG_3968 2


5. Add in a candle or any other piece of decor you like

My next step is I usually add in a candle to the space! If you are new to styling a cozy, farmhouse vibe with books, then candles are a great place to start. As you get more comfortable, try playing with other items in the space. If I’m not feeling a candle (or don’t have one for the space) I’ll use whatever decor piece I have on hand instead- faux florals, a pitcher, farmhouse beads – seriously whatever I feel like using. This is where you can start having fun and playing with the space.


6.  Vary the height

As you are adding in all of these decor pieces, consider the height of the pieces you are using. I like to make sure everything is varied in height. A super easy way to do this is to stack greenery, candles, etc. on books. I will play with this several times (sometimes using a variety of different books and sizes) until I get the height exactly where I like it. There’s no method to this… I just keep playing with it until it “feels” right to me!




7. Style on trays to round out the look

If you are trying to really complete the look and add finishing touches to your space, place your books and additional decor (greenery, candles, etc) on a tray! I love doing this on my coffee table, I just feel like it really brings the entire look together. I have a elegant copper + marble tray I use on my coffee table to dress up the books a bit, but I also have a rustic wooden tray (not pictured) where I can place books to make it feel a bit more casual. By using different styles of trays, you have the flexibility to change the vibe of this book stack easily.


8. Get creative with where you use them – even in tablescapes

Remember that Valentine’s Day tablescape (find the post HERE) I put together last month? I used books to stack a candle, but tell me how cute it would have been if I could have added in my book stacks from Everwood & Co?? I have a feeling I’ll be using these book stacks in a tablespace in the future.


I hope this gives you some inspiration on how to use books in your everyday style! And don’t forget to check out Everwood & Co and use the coupon code below at checkout:

**Everwood & Co coupon code for 10% off: JACKIEANNEBLOG

(this code never expires, so write this down and save it for when you need a new book stack girlfriend) 



A huge thank you to Everwood & Co for collaborating with Jackie Anne Blog on today’s blog post!





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