DIY Inexpensive, No-Sew Farmhouse Canvas Curtains

I am BEYOND excited about today’s blog post- this may be my favorite DIY project to date! This week, I put up these farmhouse canvas curtains on our patio sliding door, and they have completely transformed the space! I can’t tell you how much both Brandon and I love them. The space now is warm, cozy, inviting, and we feel like we can eat at the dinner table without anyone watching us!





There are new townhouses being built behind us, and we are losing a lot of privacy (we used to have a view of beautiful farmland), so lately I have been on the hunt for curtains to drape in front of our back glass door to give us more privacy at night (or in the early mornings when I’m completing my Kayla Itsine’s workouts in my living room lol). My problem was I couldn’t find anything affordable remember I’m only working with my teacher salary, hubby is in med school, so I’m always budgeting). Last week I was scrolling on Pinterest, and saw these canvas curtains, and I knew I had to give them a try!




If you are on the fence about giving these curtains a try, let me tell you all of the reasons you need to add these babies to your home!

  • No-sewing! Need I say more? You don’t have to sew a thing!
  • No measuring – You don’t have to measure the canvas curtains at all, you’re just eyeballing the length! The only thing you need to measure is the length of your curtain rod if you don’t have one yet for the space you are making these for.
  • Customizable length. Chances are, we will be moving in summer 2020, and I have no where idea where (my husband will be matching residency), and these curtains can absolutely go with us! Since I didn’t have to cut/measure/sew a thing on these, I will be able to move them to a different space easily and adjust the length to whatever I need.
  • Affordable – these are significantly less expensive than buying curtains from the store, again my type of project.
  • Privacy without the black-out effect. These canvas curtains are opaque, meaning they give privacy, but they let in just enough light that your room isn’t completely dark like black-out curtains. Truly, it’s stunning, these pictures don’t do it justice.

I’m honestly scheming to see how I can make another set of these curtains for our living room… that is how obsessed I am with these!



Now that you’re sold on giving this DIY project a try, let me tell you a few things to be mindful of before starting. This is a SUPER easy project, as long as you pay attention to one major thing. The one thing I didn’t pay attention to initially. Yup, I made a pretty huge mistake (like I typically do with DIY). The good news for you? I’m about to tell you how I failed initially so you don’t make the same mistake!


Did you know canvas drop cloths have slight different shades? Me either, until last week. When I bought my canvas drop cloths from home depot, I didn’t even think to check the shade. Turns out, I grabbed one canvas with a slight gray shade and one with a slight tan color (check out my Instagram highlights if you want to see the difference). I didn’t realize this until I washed them, then proceeded every bleaching trick known to mankind until I realized I had two drop cloths of different colors. So my tip to you, make sure you buy two canvas drop cloths of the same color! This tip is going to save you time, money, and tears. Trust me! Also make sure the hems/seams are finished (I linked what I recommend purchasing below).


Also, don’t forget to measure the area you are putting these curtains over if you need to purchase a curtain rod. Since these are for our back doors, we needed a unique size curtain rod compared to what was needed for typical windows. I ended up buying our industrial farmhouse curtain rod from amazon since I couldn’t find anything im stores that fit (I linked the exact one below).


Lastly, think about how light of a color you want your curtains to be. There are some crazy tricks out there about how you can completely lighten these drop cloths (I linked a youtube video below). Today, I’m writing about how I lightened by drop cloths just a tad, but still wanted the slight tan/neutral color to be there. Using the laundry products I linked below to achieve this look is completely optional.



Now that we’ve gone over some basics, let’s get to it!


Required Materials:

  • 2 Canvas Drop Cloths 6 x 9 ft (find similar HERE)*
  • Black Industrial Farmhouse Curtain Rod 48-84′ (find the exact one I used HERE)
  • 14 Black Drapery Clips (find similar HERE)
  • Liquid Laundry Detergent and Softener – I strongly prefer using liquid over pods, as I think it washes/softens the fabric better, I love Gain (find exactly what I use HERE)

Optional Materials (if you want to lighten the color of your canvas like I did):

  • OxiClean White Revive- I prefer the liquid (find it HERE)
  • Splash-less Liquid Clorox Bleach (find it HERE)

*Note about the canvas drop cloth: if you intend to lighten your drop cloth more than I did by following the video linked below, you will need to make sure you follow those instructions and get the correct drop cloth for that method. What I have linked is the same material of drop cloth I used!



**before you begin, reiterating what I already cautioned you about, make sure both of your drop cloths are the same color! 

Step 1: Wash and dry your drop cloths

Washing and drying your drop cloths will make them softer and help get rid of some of those harsh folding creases. Plus if you use the laundry products I linked, they will smell AMAZING every time you open/close these curtains.

Remove the canvas drop cloths from the packaging (be sure to check for any packaging stickers on the canvas and remove if necessary), shake them out, and wash them in your washing machine using liquid detergent and softener following your washing machine’s instructions. I used warm water on the “sheets” setting (this puts in more water than if I washed on the towel setting). I also added in 1 cup of bleach and OxiClean White Revive to the load. This lightened the canvas color slightly. If you want to really whiten the color, watch this youtube video (be sure to purchase the correct type of drop cloth). I chose not to go this route, simply because I didn’t want to go through the hassle lol.

Dry the drop cloths in your dryer using medium heat. If you are concerned about the fabric shrinking, use a lower temperature. My drop cloths were super long for the space, so I wasn’t worried about any shrinkage, but it didn’t look like they shrunk at all on the medium temperature setting.


Step 2: Iron

Warning: this will take some time. It took me about an hour (granted I’m not the fastest at ironing). While I ironed, I listened to a podcast and poured myself a glass of wine (which I kept far away from these drop cloths since I’m a klutz).

I ironed the canvas on the highest heat my iron goes to and turned on the steam feature. This helped get rid of any remaining creases in the fabric.


Step 3: Install your curtain rod & put the drapery clips on the rod

If you don’t already have a curtain rod up, go ahead and install it now. Brandon did this step while I ironed. Truth be told, I don’t ever install our curtain rods, he does it lol (and actually my father-in-law and mother-in-law hung up several other curtain rods in our house last summer while Brandon studied for boards since I didn’t know how to do it… love them). Since you are going to fold the canvas over, you don’t need to measure how far the curtain rod is from the ground. Just eyeball where you like it!

Go ahead and put the drapery hooks on the rod now. It’s easier to hang the curtains up with the drapery clips on the rod first. I used 7 clips per drop cloth.



Step 4: Hang up the canvas drop cloth

Fold the top section of your drop cloth over, and hang it up! I wanted my curtains to “kiss the floor” aka just barely touch the floor. Since we use these doors so much to let Tira out, I didn’t want them to drag and instead I wanted them to just barely touch. So when folding over the canvas, I kept this in mind and eyeballed the length accordingly. Evenly disperse the 7 clips on the folded over cloth and hang it up! Repeat again on the second drop cloth – and tada!!! You now have Farmhouse Canvas Curtains!



I seriously hope you give this a try. This was such a fun and simple DIY project that has transformed our eating area. Have any questions about today’s post? Comment below!!


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