Fresh Spring Front Door Update

Who saw my crazy plant lady Instagram stories yesterday? Ahhhh I do this EVERY year! The school I work at puts on a greenhouse sale and I get ALL the plants! I always go in with the intention of buying a few… and instead I leave with 30 or so.  I just get so excited sitting in the greenhouse seeing all the possibilities!



I added a couple plants to our front door, and it has changed EVERYTHING! Our front door is now radiating simple, fresh, spring time vibes, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The best part? I didn’t have to go crazy styling the space. Just a few simple touches is all it needed.



Disclaimer: before Easter, our front door was a HOT MESS! I still had the green wire basket and black lantern sitting out from Christmas. I kept trying to make them work by adding some faux flowers to the mix… but I just kept feeling like it was clashing. All these spring front door changes have literally happened in a week!


Spring Time Faux Green Wreath

I switched out my magnolia wreath for this faux boxwood wreath that screams spring time! I got this from TJ Maxx a few years ago (it includes the ribbon, isn’t it cute?!) and it’s one of my favorite staple pieces from TJ.

When choosing a wreath, it’s important to think about the size of the wreath compared to your door. I would measure before purchasing if you are purchasing online, and here are some similar options:

  • Olive Branch Boxwood Wreath (consider the 20 in) HERE
  • Several options HERE
  • Boxwood Wreath HERE


Galvanized Bucket Stand + Faux Tulips

I then swapped my green wire basket for this galvanized bucket stand I came across at Home Goods last weekend. I am obsessed with it y’all!! I can see myself using this outside for all sorts of seasons, or even inside to style little corners too. I added in some faux  grass/greenery and tulips from Michael’s, and TADA – instant spring time decor! I did end up using a floral foam block to prop the tulips up a bit. It’s definitely worth having a few foam blocks on hand for these types of projects! You never know when you need a little height in an arrangement.




Large Neutral Flower Pot

I really like having one big flower pot near my front door. This year, I wanted something neutral, as I may want to play around with what goes inside my galvanized bucket, and I want the flowers to match as I change the decor. I had to choose plants that do well in partial sun- always consider the sunlight and what the plants you choose can tolerate. Here’s what we’re working with in this pot:

  • 2 white Begonias
  • 3 white Sweet Alyssum
  • 3 Silver Drop Eucalyptus



The Sweet Alyssum should really fill out the pot and I can’t wait to see how much this arrangement grows! The Begonias are going to be stunning once they get more blooms!



Smaller Greenery Flower Pot

I got this little guy on a whim! I wasn’t going to add him to the mix, but I couldn’t pass him up. This is a Silver Falls plant and when he grows, he looks like a cascading waterfall! I love his gray-green color and the waterfall effect. I thought he added to the neutral vibe pretty nicely.




Watering Can

You know why I love watering cans? Because they are functional AND pretty! I got this watering can from Home Depot a few years ago, and I have been loving it ever since. I don’t know if they still carry it in stores, but THIS one is very similar! Over the years, it has started to rust a bit, which makes me love it even more! Find yourself a cute watering can, and add it to your front door for some extra spring time vibes.



Who’s feeling inspired to freshen up their front door this weekend for spring?! I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with! Tag me on instagram in your spring front door pics @jackieanneblog


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