How to Style House Plants in Baskets + my Amazon Basket Finds

Have you seen people putting their house plants in baskets? This trend has been around for about a year, but I recently hopped on the bandwagon and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

Today I want to share why putting your indoor plants is one of the easiest ways to dress up your space with little effort and some of my favorite plant baskets on amazon!



Reasons why I love this house plant + basket trend

The number one reason I love this trend is that all you do is plop your plant in the basket- plastic container and all! No repotting, no shoveling dirt – I mean, could it be simpler? Yup, you’re reading this correct- those cheap plastic containers that your house plants come in from the store goes right into the basket. Instead of having to buy a new pot and replant your indoor plant, you just plop the plant into a basket and call it a day. This is my kind of trend!


Y’all know I’m all about stretching a dollar, so another reason I love this trend is that I can use the basket in another way later on. Have you ever invested money into a new pot and then later the plant dies or outgrows the pot, and before you know it you’re investing money into a new pot again? I love that with the baskets, the plants aren’t outgrowing the space and that the baskets can be repurposed for storage in other areas of the house.

This is Tira’s new favorite spot…. I could not get her to move for the life of me lol.


And lastly, I love this trend because it makes the house feel a little more cozy. There’s just something about a green plant sitting in a cute little basket that makes a space feel so much more welcoming. One of my biggest challenges is making our rental townhouse feel like home. We are likely only here for another year before Brandon matches residency, and so there’s not many permanent projects I can complete in our little space. Putting our plants in baskets is a simple and easy way for me to cozy up our space and make our temporary space feel like home.

Basket Material I love

The beautiful thing about this trend is that you can use any material you want for the baskets. As long as the you keep your plant in that plastic container and don’t over water it, you shouldn’t have any concern about your basket material as it won’t be getting wet.

However, my personal favorite materials for the plant baskets are seagrass and coiled rope. The half painted/dipped baskets in these materials are also my favorite.

I’ve listed a few baskets I really love below that are great Amazon finds (read the tips before you buy before purchasing).

indoor plant basket.png

  1. Goodpick Large Cotton Rope Basket Woven Storage Basket 
  2.  Sosibon Large Seagrass Belly Basket (this has a faint white wash look which is so pretty)
  3. Goodpick Cotton Rope Basket with Flower Handle
  4. OrganiHaus Extra Large Cotton Rope Basket with Real Leather Handles in Off White
  5. Belly Basket Seagrass Planter (I would buy the natural color and then paint the bottom with acrylic paint in a color that matches your home’s color palette)
  6. Goodpick Cotton Rope Storage Basket in Jute & Cotton

Tips before you buy

Before you run out and buy a basket for your plant – be sure to measure! You will want to measure the diameter and height of your plastic container/pot. Make sure you get a basket that is larger than these dimensions. I personally like to get basket’s that are at least two inches wider (than the diameter) and an inch taller (than the height).

Styling Tips

I like to use these plant + basket combos to anchor corners that are a little bare. Add plant and basket to a corner that needs a little more life or color.


I also like to put plants near a mirror, where I know I’ll see it every day. I have our snake plant next to my full length mirror in our master bedroom and I love the pop of green with our neutral decor. The snake plant also is known for filtering air, so it’s nice knowing he’s cleaning our bedroom air while we sleep.


If needed, you can always place something in the bottom of your basket to position your plant a bit higher. I may end up doing this with our larger plant. I would try using floral foam or a brick.

Indoor plants in baskets also are super adorable positioned on stools. We unfortunately don’t have one, but if we did I would love to put our snake plant on a stool! I’ve definitely been on the lookout at thrift shops for a wooden stool I can paint. Stay tuned friends, I have faith I’ll find one.


When styling, consider your light and your type of plant. Depending on what type of plant you have, you may be restricted in the areas you can place your plant. For example, I purchase my fiddle leaf fig for the living room, but 9 times out of 10 you can find him in the dining room where the light is super bright during the day. I didn’t really think this through when I initially bought the fiddle leaf fig, and honestly it’s not that big of a deal, but it is something I wish I had considered more thoughtfully.


I hope you give this fun trend a try, it is one of the simplest ways to dress up your space!


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