Why I Value Self Care + my go to Self Care Things

This is my 50th blog post, I can’t believe it! What started out as a little blog for me to share my teaching wins has transformed into this home and lifestyle blog where I’m free to share my passions. What a journey these past six months with Jackie Anne Blog has been! Thank you to all of you who have been here since the beginning, and those of you who are new friends. I love being able to empower other women to live a beautiful and balanced life by sharing on this blog, which is only possible with your support and encouragement. So thank you!!

Self Care- What is it + Why is it Important

Today I’m sharing something that is a BIG part of my life – self care!! I feel like this has been a buzz word lately… people are throwing around the term self care like its confetti! Which is great, I love self care, but I want to chat about what it means to me and why it is so important to me (and why I think you should value it too).

To me, self care means doing things to refill your cup and give you the energy you need to be your best self! Whether it’s physical or mental, these are things I need to do on a regular basis to be able to be the best Jackie, day-in and day-out. Now before you roll your eyes and quit reading this post – I wasn’t always this way! In fact, for the longest time I felt like sleep was for the weak and I had to run yourself to the ground. I opened up about this in my blog post describing My Journey with Anxiety, and how self care is something I have recently adopted into my lifestyle because it has a dramatic impact on managing my anxiety. Although you may not have anxiety, I’m willing to bet you have stressors in your life – work, bills, events, tough relationships – all of these things are exhausting and draining. This is why you need to put yourself first and practice self care!

Self care looks different for everyone! I think it’s important to find things that work for you and give you the rest and energy you need. I’m sharing what self care things I do in hopes that these give you ideas to start implementing in your own lifestyle!

1. Skin Care Routine

This is something that I started implementing about a year ago, and I am shocked how much joy having a thoughtful skin routine has brought to my daily life. It’s honestly like I have a mini spa day five minutes a day, no matter what I have on my schedule. Wouldn’t you love the feeling of getting a mini-facial each day, even if you have a packed day?!

Prior to implementing a good quality skin routine, I was using Aczone and Tazorac prescribed from the Dermatologist (for cystic acne), followed by a drugstore moisturizer. My skin was dry, flaky, irritated, and dull. I decided to invest in a few good quality skincare products, and slowly started to notice a difference in my skin. Over the past year I have developed a daily routine with weekly treatments/masks that have made my skin glow and acne free (I’m not even using the creams prescribed from my derm anymore).

I plan to share in another blog post the details of my daily routine and the products I use in addition to the routine in the near future. But until then, if you are interested in developing a better skincare routine, I would start with finding a good quality moisturizer, it’s always a great place to start! There’s just something about building in a little time to pamper your skin in the beginning of your day and before you go to bed that is just so relaxing!

2.  Healthy Eating

I try to eat what my body needs to feel good! That means I try to eat pretty clean, with lots of veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. When I eat unhealthy, I really don’t feel that great. I’m lethargic, grouchy, and just not me. But when I eat what my body needs, I have the energy and the drive to be my best, optimistic self. For a little over a year, I ate following the F-Factor Diet (you can find my post about it HERE). I actually still love the F-Factor Diet! I cook many of these recipes weekly and technically still eat a #ffactorapproveddiet. However, I have started implementing #fabfoursmoothies by Kelly LeVeque. These smoothies keep me full longer and balance my blood sugar. I suggest doing your own research, and following a eating lifestyle founded in research that’s all about eating to make you feel good, not a number on the scale!

3. Exercise

I workout on a regular basis because it generates energy. I know, it seems odd, but truly if you implement exercise into your routine, you will start to notice you have more energy (and endorphins!!). Additionally, exercise is an incredible stress reliever and is phenomenal for your mental health. I personally do a mix between BBG, cardio, and yoga (read more about it HERE), but I think you have got to find whatever workout works for you. You can’t hate it, it needs to be something that you enjoy at some level. Sign-up for a marathon, purchase group classes, or download that exercise app you’ve been eyeing. Whatever it is, get moving – you’ll feel better!

4. Taking a bath + epsom salts

Honestly, this may seem like the most simple idea I give you today, but man how a good bath can do wonders. I used to think taking a bath would be an hour long event and I didn’t have time for it (I’m not sure where this idea came from lol), but I seriously take a 15 minute bath once a week now, sometimes even in the middle of the week if I just need a moment, ya feel me? I’m an epsom salt girl, not a bath bomb girl (I know, I know – who am I), but you do you! Taking 15 minutes to yourself and unplug can sometimes be the best de-stressor.

5. Personal Development

Okay I love me some personal development – Rachel Hollis is my spirit animal. I love listening to podcasts or reading books all about personal development!

Want to learn to be more effective with your time? There’s a podcast for that. Want to learn to communicate better with your partner? There’s a book for that. Want to learn how to become successful within 5 years? There’s a podcast and a book for that. You catching my drift?

My go to move is to listen to a personal development podcast while I’m getting ready in the morning. There’s something about starting my day off feeling productive, alert, and empowered! It fills my cup and gives me the motivation to start my day strong.

My two favorite podcasts are Rise and Rise Together by Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis.

6. Morning Routine

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have a morning routine that I try really hard to do, but only meet 3-4 days a week lol! It’s that time of year, what can I say? I’m in survival mode and just trying to make it to the end of the school year. Some days I choose sleep over my morning routine, and I will tell you, most of those days I regret that I didn’t choose to do my routine. My routine involves a little journaling and reflection, and it sets me up for success. It’s that alone time that I get to have all to myself to reflect and mentally prepare to be my best self that day. I challenge you to try to add five minutes of journaling each morning and see if it helps you gain a little clarity and headspace before you start your day.

7. Sleep

Is this obvious? Maybe, but this is something I did not value in any capacity until recently. I actually still struggle getting enough sleep each night, but I am actively attempting to get more sleep in my daily routine. I personally can tell that if I get more sleep I am all around a better human. I’m more energetic and effective, while being less irritable and negative. It’s a win-win! My personal struggle is being okay with shutting off for the night when not everything on my to do list got complete, can anyone else relate? I am currently working on this, and have slowly started making my bed time a little earlier each week. It’s been a gradual transition, and I can honestly say that getting more sleep has dramatically made my days and mental health better.

8. What fills your cup?

I’m choosing to end on a kind of vague tip, but I promise to explain! Take a moment and reflect upon what you need, in THIS season of life, to become more energized and excited. Do you need rest? Do you need a girls night? What about a DIY project? There have been times in my life when I need alone time, and other times when I desperately need a glass of wine with a gal pal. I challenge you to think about what you need in each season of life and making plans or schedule changes accordingly. It’s important to realize we are human, and different seasons of life are going to require different modes of self care.


What tip from this post are you going to implement this week? Let me know by commenting below on this blog post! As for me? I’m about to go do a little skincare routine!







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