Summer Simplified Buffet Refresh

Good Morning Babes!

Do you ever feel like a space is a little too cluttered or heavy? That’s how I’ve been feeling about this buffet for a while now, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to simplify it.


When I went to Charleston a couple of weeks ago, I spent a day visiting with my girlfriend from college. She took me on the most beautiful walking tour, we had great rose, and yummy sushi (cucumber wrapped so it was #ffactorapproved). We even ran the bridge the next morning (a whopping 5 miles). But what really inspired me was her tranquil beach apartment! Immediately after walking into her apartment, I felt relaxed. Seriously, it was the most relaxed I’ve been in a while. After spending the evening drinking wine on her cozy couch and catching up on the Bachelorette, and then in the morning being able to catch up on emails on her courtyard patio with my coffee, I realized her apartment was such an oasis because it was decluttered. She had just the right amount of decor and beach touches to make it feel cozy and at home, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It’s almost like her ability to have a decluttered apartment gave me space to breathe. Have you ever experienced this?


I was so inspired by her apartment and how it gave me mental clarity, that I decided to bring it back to my own townhouse. Since we don’t live near a beach (I wish) I can’t exactly mimic the beach vibes, but I was hoping to mimic the decluttered vibe to give myself a little more breathing room.


I cleared the buffet, and then started adding just a few pieces on either side to balance out the space. I also took my letter board from my classroom, and added it to the to buffet, and I’m not sure why I didn’t think to do this sooner.


I’m thinking this goal to simplify may be my new inspiration as I restyle and decorate our house this summer – decluttering to give us space to breathe.

Who’s also feeling the need to declutter this summer? Tell me what you plan to do to give yourself space to breathe.



  • My letter board is plastic/metal like THIS one, but I personally would recommend a felt letter board like THIS one
  • Hearth & Hand Pitcher (currently out of stock but find it HERE). Similar pitchers that can be found on amazon:
  • Pottery Barn Tiered Stand HERE
  • Small Cake Stand (I snagged this in the dollar section at Target a while back so it’s not online), but I am really loving THIS small cake stand from the Hearth & Hand collection
  • Small green plant – I have a ton of these and I buy them at TJ Maxx (I think they are most afforable there). If you don’t have a TJ near you, I would recommend these on Amazon:
  • Bottleneck Glass Vase (I got mine at Hobby Lobby and can’t find it online), find a similar HERE
  • Faux Greenery (I always get mine on sale at Michael’s so this is from earlier this year during their spring sale). THESE faux gray eucalyptus stems looks beautiful if you need several stems at an affordable cost.
  • The comfiest Jumpsuit from Lou & Grey HERE
  • books – go to Goodwill and get yourself some books to decorate with for $1 each!


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