Pinterest in a Box: Home Made Luxe + Coupon Code

Who pins all the amazing DIY crafts on their Pinterest with the best intentions to complete ALL the projects, but then you never have time to grab the supplies and find the best directions for the project? Girl I can totally relate. And I have the PERFECT solution for you – meet Home Made Luxe!

*Are you interested to give this box a try or purchasing this as a gift for a friend? Head to THIS link and use the code EPICSALE at checkout to receive 50% your first month of any subscription!*


What is Home Made Luxe?

Home Made Luxe is a monthly craft subscription box that enables you to easily create home decor. I actually found Home Made Luxe on Instagram when I was looking for a craft subscription box that would simplify craft projects for me. Each craft kit contains all the materials you need and clear instructions to create a custom craft or home decor piece. They also have flexibility on their site where you can purchase a “one time box” if subscriptions aren’t your jam.



The founder of Home Made Luxe, Keitha, believes that finding time to craft is a form for self care so you can destress and recharge – and I couldn’t agree more! That’s exactly why I love simple DIY and crafts, it refills my cup!

My Experience with Home Made Luxe




I was so excited to get my Home Made Luxe box in the mail – mostly because I had been eyeing this DIY Monstera Leaf Clay Bowl project for a while and wanted to make these for myself. Aren’t they cute?! I’m using them to display the necklaces I got from Hawaii- so fitting!


The Box is VERY Well Thought Out

As soon as I opened up my box I was impressed! Each box comes with very detailed instructions with clear images to make the project a no-brainer. And if you need a little extra inspiration, you can head to their instagram to see how others have completed the craft. I love how accessible this makes the projects, so anyone can pick up the box and create a custom piece of home decor – no experience in crafting required!

IMG_0549 2.JPG

I also was extremely impressed with how literally EVERYTHING you need for the project comes in the box. They even included an x-acto knife for my project!

DIY Projects are Simple and Relaxing

Completing the craft was extremely easy. The instructions were clear and since the box contains everything needed, it’s super easy to pick up and just start crafting. I loved how stress-free this was. All I had to do was play with clay, that’s it! Raise your hand if you find clay just as therapeutic as I do!


I chose to make a two adjustments to my project, which was also super easy to modify since the instructions were so clear. I made the clay a little thinner than recommend due to how humid the climate is where I live, hoping to help it air dry in 24 hours. I also put the clay inside my bowls to dry (instead of laying on top) since my bowls have rims on them and I didn’t want an imprint on my clay. Because I made this modification, it took a little longer to dry than the instructions, but it was really no biggie. I was able to pick right back up with the instructions and finish.


After sanding and adding some paint – I easily created myself some cute new jewelry dishes! I loved being able to craft without the fuss of having to go get all the supplies and find the instructions. Seriously this couldn’t have been easier!

Unique & High Quality Home Decor

The finished result of each box is a craft that is unique and can easily be added to your home decor. These crafts aren’t cheap or flimsy, and are actually cute! These are things you can easily integrate into your home and actually use after creating.



Are you interested in giving Home Made Luxe a try? Head to THIS link and use the code EPICSALE at checkout to receive 50% your first month of any subscription!


Let me know what you think of Home Made Luxe and tag me on instagram with the crafts you create!


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Thank you to Home Made Luxe for gifting todays product. 





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