Four Items to Look for while Goodwill Thrift Shopping

Who saw my instagram stories of my impromptu Goodwill trip last week?

It certainly wasn’t my first time of accidentally getting lost in Goodwill, and certainly won’t be my last! I go to Goodwill regularly to donate items we no longer need (thank you Marie Kondo for encouraging this decluttering behavior), and if I have the time, I’ll pop inside to see if they have any treasures. It’s definitely a hit or miss – but last week I hit the jackpot!


I got all of the items in today’s post for for $15! The truth is, I love antique stores, but I find most of them to be overpriced. So I head to Goodwill occasionally and do a little thrifting there, as I typically find much better prices.

However, I find it really easy to get distracted by all the clutter in the store and to easily overlook little decor or potential DIY pieces. So, whenever I pop into Goodwill, I keep these four categories of items in mind and try to keep an eye out for them.

Glass Vases, Bowls, and Pitchers

I love to search for glass vases, bowls, and pitchers to use as flower vases in my home. I try to get things that have a vintage or antique look to them (as opposed to getting a normal vase). I plan to use all of these glass pieces for flowers, except for the little candle bowl with the rope! That was a fun find that I am going to put out on our back patio table!


Real Wood Pieces- Both Large and Small

I have chatted about finding pieces of furniture to paint in THIS post before, so I won’t go into all the details for finding pieces to paint. But I do look for real wood furniture or small decor pieces that I can give a fresh coat of paint and spruce. While I was at Goodwill, I found so many pieces of furniture made of cheap material and had funky lines to them – not something I gravitate towards. BUT If you were watching my Instagram stories from last week, there was a beautiful coffee table I SO would have loved to paint, but it was already bought!

I ended up getting this cute little letter holder and magazine holder. I plan to paint both and use them in different ways, but still throwing around a few ideas.


Baskets and Trays

I love getting little baskets and trays that can easily jazzed up with a little DIY. I like to get things with a farmhouse, vintage vibe, but I didn’t find anything along those lines last week.

I don’t typically love getting wicker trays and baskets, but I was totally drawn to both of these pieces for some reason. I’m envisioning staining or painting them both and using them in our bedroom and bathroom. Stay tuned to see how these will be added to our home decor.

I also saw this white basket and knew it would be ideal for staging the front door or adding extra storage around the house. Honestly there isn’t anything too special about it – I just love white and know it can be used in a variety of ways. I may DIY it up a bit – who knows!


Vintage Books

Lastly, if you’re lucky, you can get vintage books from Goodwill to decorate with, my fav! Do not read on if you are an English teacher (eeeeek) but I totally have been known to go to the $1 book section, choose paperback books with neutral colors, and then when I get home I tear the front cover off the books so I can decorate with them. I know, I know – I always feel really bad when I do this… but I justify it when the fact that I’m only tearing the front cover off…. if anyone ever wants to read the book, there aren’t any pages missing (insert nervous sweating emoji).


And that’s a wrap – my go to things I look for in Goodwill! I hope this gives you some confidence and clarity to give this a try yourself! You’ll be amazed as to what treasures you can find!


5 thoughts on “Four Items to Look for while Goodwill Thrift Shopping

  1. I love this! I always find amazing things at Goodwill, we actually got our dining room table from there for only $60. It’s a massive wood table and its in great condition! Thanks for sharing.

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