Late Summer Front Door Refresh + Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint Review

Y’all I go back to school TODAY for teacher workdays. Where did summer go?!

I really can’t believe it. I live for summer, and I feel like it just started. But, I hate to admit it, I do miss the routine of going to school. I think a part of me likes to be busy. So instead of wallowing in self pity, I’m choosing to be excited for a new year with new kiddos!


I’m starting off the year with this summer front door look! My front door was looking a little drab, so I really wanted to freshen it up for the new school year – ya know, give myself something pretty to come home to!

If you watch my Instagram stories, then you’ve probably seen how I have been working on this space, bit by bit, the past few weeks. I’ve played with different pieces out here, found furniture on Facebook marketplace, and even slapped on a little chalk paint. I’m going to walk you through these easy updates and my review of Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint.

Late Summer / New School Year Front Door Update

I love peonies, but man it was time for a change! I took the peonies out from my original summer look (read the blog HERE about what I had going on this space before) and moved my cute little Silver Falls plant in my galvanized bucket. How amazing does this plant look so his vines can hang down. Ugh I’m obsessed. I am now convinced that Silver Falls should always be elevated. It’s cray to see how much this guy has grown, check out THIS post to see what I mean!


I also really felt like this space needed something different to add a little character – which is how this chair came into play. I found a pair of chair on facebook marketplace (next time I will definitely not pick up alone), and gave them a fresh coat of chalk paint (more on that later) to bring them back to life!

I also got this cute summer lantern super discounted at Michael’s. It was 70% off!


Lastly, I kept my big ole flower pot with the pretty begonias and eucalyptus nearby with the cute vintage watering can. I got this watering can from Home Depot a few years ago, and I have been loving it ever since. I don’t know if they still carry it in stores, but THIS one is very similar!


I’m also still rocking my faux boxwood wreath! I got this from TJ Maxx a few years ago, and it’s one of my favorite staple pieces from TJ. If you don’t have one already, I highly recommend adding a similar wreath to your home decor collection. Make sure you measure before purchasing to make sure you get a wreath that’ll be the perfect fit for your door! Here are some great options on Amazon: 

  • Olive Branch Boxwood Wreath (consider the 20 in) HERE
  • Several options HERE
  • Boxwood Wreath HERE

Simple and beautiful – just the way I like it!


Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint Review (so far)

Y’all know I love Annie Sloan and Dixie Belle. So why am I using Rust-Oleum? Honestly, I chose to use Rust-Oleum because both Annie and Dixie are difficult for me to get my hands on (there aren’t any vendors nearby), Rust-Oleum is much more affordable, and this chair is sitting outside so I don’t feel like it needs a high quality paint.

What I Used

I used Rust-Oleum’s Linen White Chalked Paint (find it HERE) on this chair after prepping it with a sander deglosser and sealant (go to THIS post to read about how to prep your piece). I cannot stress the importance of prepping your piece enough. Just do it!! You’ll thank me later! I did not wax or seal this chalk paint since it is going outside. This is my first project that I have chosen not to seal with wax, so I am hoping it works out. From every workshop I have taken, I am told outdoor furniture is supposed to be unwaxed. However, I’m sure this white color will fade and get dirty – I will update in a few months!


Color & Coverage

This is a VERY white paint. This is not an ivory or cream – this is a pure white! I usually prefer ivory on my pieces, but since this is going outside, I’m totally okay with the color. And if you are someone who LOVES bright white, this paint is up your ally.

After the first coat, this Rust-Oleum does not have good coverage. I ended up having to do three coats until I felt like the paint was completely covering the old stain on this chair. To put it in perspective – I usually only do two coats of paint with Annie or Dixie. Since this Rust-Oleum required three coats, it took me more time and more paint. So although it is cheaper, I will go through this paint quicker.


Drying Time

This dries fairly quickly, maybe slightly less quick than Annie Sloan – but it’s hardly noticeable. Since I was actually painting two chairs at once, I had no trouble just switching between the two projects.

Time Will Tell…

In terms of the quality of how this holds up – the jury is still out! I will update you later about how this piece is holding up.


Overall Opinion

I really like this Rust-Oleum paint as an affordable chalk paint option for smaller projects. It’s great for things like old chairs, small wall decor, frames, etc. but I wouldn’t use this on my kitchen table. For the bigger projects (tables, nightstands, dressers) I’m using the good stuff – Annie or Dixie.


If you are new to chalk paint – I got your back, don’t worry! I don’t typically use Rust-Oleum, I actually love Annie Sloan and am a new fan of Dixie Belle. Here are some previous blogs that will give better explanation of the chalk paint process:


Well, I’m off to school! Wish me luck! Also, please pray that my kiddos have the a great start of the year! Thanks sweet friends!


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