Bright + Airy Update on an Older Couch

I updated our couch with a few minor things last week, and oh my gosh – it has changed everything!


Backstory on this couch….

This is a couch I’ve had since 2014 when I first graduated college. I honestly had never bought any major furniture, so I had no idea what I was doing when I picked this out lol. Like seriously – why did I think a corduroy couch was a good idea?! In all honestly, though it’s not THAT terrible, and it is CRAZY comfy. But, is has seen better days. Here’s a couple things I did to brighten up this space!


Cotton Weave Blanket as a Seat “Cover”

I just still can’t swing the corduroy vibe of this couch. I have looked into getting slipcovers for the couch, but it is uniquely shaped so pricey custom slipcovers would have to be made, which I am just not ready to commit to. So my solution the past year has been to use a cream fleece blanket to cover the couch cushions. This has actually worked out really well! But the couch has started to feel a little frumpy. Though the fleece blanket was soft, it would move and get bunched up every time we sat on the couch. I felt like no matter how many times I washed the blanket, it still looked dingy.

The other day I found this white queen size cotton weave blanket and loved the feel of it. It is super thin and the cotton weave gives it a comfy texture. I feel like it has brightened up the space, and feels more crisp!


Fun, Unique Throw Blanket

I also found this thin blanket with fringe on the ends. It has such a fun and unique vibe, I love that it adds a little playfulness to the space. It also is a cream color, which helps tie the beige couch to the white cotton weave blanket. It is pretty thin, so it’s ideal for this hot months right now.


Swapped the Wreath

If you watched my stories, then you know I REALLY wanted to move my window/wreath to my eating area, but Brandon is afraid it’s too heavy for our walls – and I think he is probably right. So I decided to actually swap out the magnolia wreath which was originally over the couch, and replaced it with this faux eucalyptus wreath from Hearth & Hand (it is no longer online, but THIS one is similar). I felt like the magnolia wreath I had there before was heavy and reminded me of winter. I like this eucalyptus  wreath better, it just seems lighter and more airy!


I also put a little green plant and some books on the end of the shelf to add a little more charm.

Refreshed the Coffee Table Decor

Lastly, I refreshed the coffee table decor with blush hydrangeas. Though this isn’t directly a change I did to the couch, I feel like this simple update made the entire space feel more open and airy. I had previously had the coffee table styled with several pieces of decor, and these fresh flowers give it a crisp feel now.


P.S. my hydrangeas are sitting in a 50cent fishbowl from Goodwill and I love it. Read THIS post to learn my Goodwill thrifting tips

Progress not Perfection…

Our entire living room isn’t complete yet. I still want to switch out that hideous chevron lamp shade (again another college-girl purchase…. ugh lol). I also desperately need to update our gallery wall with photos. And there’s about a dozen other things I’d like to get done until this area is “complete”.


But here’s the thing… If I waited until everything was *perfect* to post, then who knows when I would ever post about our home, heck – I probably wouldn’t even have a blog. I like to remind myself that things don’t have to be perfect and I should celebrate my imperfect progress.

Do you need the same reminder? I hope you give yourself some love today and remind yourself of this.




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