Hello Fall: Farmhouse Buffet Table Fall Decor + Styling Tips

Happy September!! It’s now socially appropriate to start decorating for fall, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! As I’m sitting here writing today’s post, I’m wrapped in a cozy blanket with my white pumpkin candle lit. I’m honestly puzzled as to why I haven’t gone to Target yet to get a bag of pumpkin spice coffee, because that would make this early morning perfectly fall! Fall means crips mornings, cozy evenings, candles, slow cooker meals, pumpkin spice everything, and football. I hate to see summer go, but if it’s going to be for any season, I’m glad it’s for fall!


Tips as you Begin to Decorate for Fall

I started decorating for fall this past weekend, and honestly it’s sort of life Christmas. I forget all of the fall decor I have until I start unpacking my totes. This is actually my first tip when it comes to decorating for fall – start with unpacking and using what you already have. It’s easy to forget exactly how much you have until you see it. I resisted every urge to buy the 40% fall decor at Hobby Lobby until I went through my own supplies of decor.

After I unpacked my totes, I played some music (…and watched a few episodes of #RHOC) and started to sprinkle it around my house. I don’t try to tackle the entire house in one day, I just like to start to spread out my decor in small ways by adding fall stems to my pitcher, placing a fall candle and pumpkin on my table, etc. I then choose one space to focus on at a time. I wanted to start with my front door, but you saw my Instagram stories, that project is currently on hold until I have time to do a little DIY project since I couldn’t find what I wanted. Good news for you – I’ll have this DIY on the blog once it is finished, so stay tuned! After realizing the front door was going to have to wait, I moved my attention to the buffet table, and it is bringing all the fall vibes!

I still have a tote full of fall stems and pumpkins for me to use in different areas of our house, but after sprinkling fall throughout and dedicating time to this space, we are ready for fall!

Buffet Table Details + Sources


So since I started decorating with what I already owned, many of these pieces I used in this space have been purchased over the past few years. I actually only ended up purchasing a small candle for this space. But, I will link where I found these pieces from the past (the tend to carry similar items now):

  • Large blue and orange pumpkins: TJ Maxx
  • Faux eucalyptus mini wreath, faux plant, and eucalyptus stem: TJ Maxx
  • White and champagne pumpkins: Hobby Lobby, but the champagne were DIYed and you can read how to make them HERE
  • Candle holders: purchased from Hobby Lobby and chalk painted myself, read how HERE
  • Farmhouse sign: Huckleberry Avenue Prints *gifted from previous collaboration
  • Mini cake stand: Target dollar spot
  • Tiered stand: Hobby Lobby
  • Small pumpkins (in the tiered stand): Hobby Lobby, but they were neon orange originally and DIYed and you can read how to make them HERE
  • Small candle: HomeGoods
  • Glass jug: Goodwill


Styling Process + Tips

First I envisioned a general color palette. I’m a neutral girl, so white pumpkins and the chalky-blue heirloom pumpkins are always my jam. Nestle it in some eucalyptus and I’m a happy girl. But, I also like to sprinkle in a little orange to mimic real pumpkins and what will happen outside with the leaves. I try to get burnt orange shades, rather than neon orange.

Note:  I am throwing around the idea of adding in maroon after finding super cheap stems at Dollar Tree. This is not usually my thing since I love neutral, but I feel like it adds texture to this space and really brings the “fall” vibes. I think I am going to hold off on adding the stems to this space until we get a little closer to Thanksgiving though… but who knows! 

Scored these stems from Dollar Tree!

I started with choosing larger pieces to anchor the sides of the buffet table. I really love my glass jug from Goodwill (I have a live eucalyptus branch inside of it now, but plan to change it out with a faux olive branch eventually), and after playing with a few things, I ended up wanting to use this tiered stand. We used this stand at my sister-in-law’s bridal shower and I have been using it to decorate since… very happy my mom didn’t want to keep this item lol. I also knew I wanted to use these candlesticks, and after playing with the placement, I liked them on the opposite end of the tiered stand to balance it out.


Next I added in pumpkins to help anchor the ends. I knew I wanted to use my blue pumpkin, burnt orange, and at least one white pumpkin. After playing with a few arrangements, this is what I landed on. The white pumpkin, and two champagne pumpkins are from my Friendsgiving tablescape last year (I DIYed the champagne color ones), which you can read more about HERE.


I then played with the height of my anchoring pieces. I wanted to add a little variation in with the heights of the pumpkins. The left side (with the white and orange pumpkin) needed a little variation in height, so I placed the white pumpkin on a dollar spot cake stand and loved the varying height. Then I used a few old books to put the other champagne pumpkin on.


I needed to fill the blank space. After looking at this for a bit, I realized the middle of my space really needed SOMETHING, it was just so empty. I would really love to invest in a large fall-themed sign, but that’s just not in our monthly budget at the moment (ugh), so I looked around my house for something I already own. I stumbled across my beautiful farmhouse sign from Huckleberry Avenue and knew it would be perfect as the focal point! I love how this sign completes the buffet table.




Lastly, I added in the extra details. I searched my fall decor tote and grabbed a few decor pieces from my craft room to add more details to this space. I placed the white pumpkin atop a small eucalyptus wreath and filled the tiered stand with small pumpkins from last year’s table scape (again you can read about it HERE), a faux green plant, and a small candle.




And that’s my take on adding a little fall to your home for September! Hope you loved today’s post, let me know what you think in the comments! Cheers to fall!



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