Farmhouse Vibe Craft Room Tour

I’ve been working on this space for what feels like forever! For months I have been rearranging this little room to make it exactly what I need. Our last apartment was TINY and there was only enough room for Brandon to have a study space in the guest room. I am so grateful that this townhouse has enough space for me to have my own space to work and be creative in. And today I’m excited to finally get to share it with you!

IMG_2271 2

The Challenge of a Rental Space

I know most of my tribe out there is in their 20s to early 30s, and a lot of you are still renting like me! Ah can’t it be frustrating at times? I see all these amazing beautiful home renovations on pinterest and I desperately wish I could do the same in our builder grade townhouse. But the reality is, we are in a temporary home and I’m limited with transforming a space with decor. Our first two years of living together in our small apartment, I really wanted it to feel nice and homey – but   S T R U G G L E D. I lacked experience decorating a cohesive space, was hanging on to a lot of clutter and college-self decor, and part of me felt like it didn’t matter since we were just renting it would never feel like “home”. But I was so wrong! After we made the move to this townhouse, I decided to be more intentional about decorating and making our temporary house feel like home. I’m so grateful I decided to challenge myself in this way. Both Brandon and I LOVE being home and have really felt like this townhouse has become our safe haven. It’s also given me the courage to start this home blog! If you’re renting also, and maybe believe in some of those myths I mentioned above, I encourage you to challenge yourself to make your temporary space feel like home.


The Details


Desk +  Craft Hutch Area

The desk and craft hutch are both painted in the same Annie Sloan gray and white colors. The desk was one of my earlier pieces of chalk painted furniture, so don’t mind the odd dark waxing job in the front. The desk was originally a dark walnut and was a hand-me-down piece of furniture. I really love how open the desk is with minimal objects on top. The less cluttered a space is, the more free I feel to be creative and work! The small lamp on my desk actually was a piece I bought at K-Mart a few years ago for a few dollars during their closing sale. That stack of books includes my bible and journals. I use these every morning, so they function as both decor and something I am actually using.

IMG_2272 2

The craft hutch was a piece I found at Goodwill for $35! Isn’t that crazy? I use it to store ALL the craft things: paints, drop cloths, hot glue, fabrics, etc. I changed out the original hardware for these pretty glass knobs (the top shelf knob’s need to be tightened, aka why it doesn’t have any hardware at the moment).


This floating shelf from Hobby Lobby was a game changer for this wall adjacent to my desk. This wall has just felt SO empty, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be there. I love that I went with a shelf, because it allows me to easily change out the decor.  Currently I’m loving this “fresh cut flowers” sign paired with actual fresh flowers from the farmer’s market!


Wedding Memoirs + Closet Hack

IMG_2276 2

This little area is one of my most treasured memoirs from our wedding. My mom had my wedding bouquet preserved, along with our wedding invitation and a statement photo framed. My flowers were one of my favorite things at my wedding day, and I was so thankful that my mom thought to preserve them. If you live in the DC area, Queen & I did a great job with the floral preserving.


On the adjacent wall I also have this pretty canvas from our wedding day. This is a painting of the venue by the Wells Makery and I absolutely love it. Our venue was one of our favorite things about our wedding day, so it’s so special that we have this custom art to remind us of it! It also strategically is covering a cable outlet, so it’s a win-win.


Lastly, this hack for my small closet has been life changing! For whatever reason, the door to this closet closes inward, meaning there is a lot of space in this closet I can’t utilize for storage if the door has to be able to close and open inward. Since we are in rental, we weren’t able to change out the door and the direction it opens, so instead, Brandon installed this little curtain rod for me and it allows me to use this closet fully without worrying about the door. Such a good hack!


Texture Details

I found this cute little shag rug at TJ Maxx and fell in love with it immediately. I love how playful and feminine it is. I really like how the bright white lays next to our gray faux wood flooring. To me, it seems like this little rug anchors the room. Since this room doesn’t get that much traffic, the rug has held up well. But I wouldn’t recommend putting it in an area where it would get lots of use, as the shag threads easily are ripped out.



I am obsessed with these curtains. I love natural light, it’s really important to me! This room gets a ton of great light, especially in the morning, and I didn’t want to block it out. These sheer curtains provide a little privacy, while also allowing a ton of light through when they are closed. I bought they at Walmart last year, and it looks like they are still in stock HERE.

I took these photos after work and was quickly losing light. In the mornings/mid day – these curtains let in a ton of life and still provide a little privacy!

Styling Bookshelf Cozy Corner

My styling bookshelf may be one of my favorite things in this room. Read the blog on how I chalk painted this bookshelf HERE. I use this to style decor and display some of my favorite things. It’s currently all decked out for fall, read what I have going on HERE and also get yourself a fall freebie quote! I also have a cute little chair I painted in the corner which I absolutely love! I think it adds a cozy vibe. It’s a nice little space that helps keep me happy!


I hope you liked this tour of my craft room space. Now tell me, what’s your favorite space in your home?






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