Tips for Picking Pumpkins to Decorate with + our Trip to the Local Pumpkin Patch

This post is NOT sponsored! I’m team #shoplocal and support small businesses and love to share and support local businesses in my community!

It’s officially pumpkin season with the first few days of October! I love October – all the pumpkins, the leaves change, and the air becomes brisk. Last weekend, I went to my local pumpkin patch at Sinkland Farms and I was able to get all the pumpkins for my front porch!



This is the fourth year I have gone to the Pumpkin Festival at Sinkland Farms, it is one of my favorite fall activities. I definitely think it’s 100% better to go to the pumpkin patch rather than the grocery store to gather your fall pumpkins. To give you some confidence in going to the pumpkin patch for your pumpkins to style, I’m giving you my tips for looking for pumpkins to decorate with!

Tip #1: Get the fairytale pumpkins + gourds 

My friend Lauren (@lmidd14) told me that she calls these “fairytale pumpkins” and I’m kinda obsessed with the name. They really do look like something that would come out of Cinderella. They are flat, usually have unique ridges, and have a variety of different colors. I also really love getting the gourds that usually grow alongside these fairytale pumpkins.

I find that getting these types of pumpkins and gourds gives your space a really pretty and elevated look. It just looks so much more put together than the traditional pumpkins.


Tip #2: Avoid the bright orange, traditional orange pumpkins

And on that note, I completely avoid the traditional pumpkins UNLESS I want to carve a pumpkin. For decorating and styling purposes, I don’t use the traditional pumpkins at all. I find that their bright color is too bright for the space I am styling – y’all know I’m a neutral girl!

Tip #3: Decide on your color palette and go for the muted colors

I think it’s important to have a color palette in mind before you go searching for pumpkins, so you end up with a cohesive batch to work with. I personally like the muted (or pastel) pumpkins as well. No bright, neon orange here!

This year my color palette contains lots of white, pale orange, duck egg blue, and a pop of a deeper orange pumpkin with my pumpkin stack. I like to get a lot of white pumpkins so it can tie the whole look together and add a bit of neutral next to my orange pumpkins.



Tip #4: Get a variety of shapes and sizes

While you’re searching for your fairytale pumpkins and gourds, make sure you are getting a variety of shapes and sizes. I like to get a few larger pumpkins to anchor my space, then I get several medium and smaller size pumpkins. I also try to get some pumpkins that are super flat, while some are tall. I also snagged this really pretty white gourd which I’m kind of obsessed with!

Tip #5: Work in odd numbers

If you’ve ever worked with florals, then you know odd numbers are key. Putting stems together in either groups of 1, 3, or 5 is important to achieve a natural look, and I believe the same goes for pumpkins. Try to group your pumpkins in odd numbers, this will help you later when you try and stage. So I try to get an odd number of large, medium, and small pumpkins while also taking into consideration that I have an odd number of white, orange, and blue pumpkins.

Tip #6: Look for healthy pumpkins

I know this one probably goes without saying, but it’s super important! Make sure you’re grabbing pumpkins that look healthy. This means they aren’t rotting or split open. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll think I found the *perfect* pumpkin, only to turn it over and see there is a huge gash in one side of it. This typically happens more at the grocery store though. I find that the grocery store pumpkins aren’t as healthy, which is another reason why I’m team going to the pumpkin patch!

Tip #7: Before leaving, visualize your pumpkins together

Before you leave, make a pile of all your pumpkins so you can see if you are missing any color or shape of pumpkin. This also helps if you’re doing a pumpkin stack – this is a good time to practice stacking your pumpkins to see if the sizes and shapes work well together. Remember – you can easily trim the stems using gardening shears, so if they don’t lay perfectly flat at the moment due to stems – that’s an easy fix!

My mom and I were making our own piles the entire time to help us visualize!

Our Pumpkin Patch Trip to Sinkland Farms

Y’all know Brandon is gone on away medical rotations and that we tried to fit in ALL the fall activities before he left. Unfortunately, he left before it was pumpkin season so he wasn’t able to make it to the pumpkin patch. Thankfully, my parents visited this past weekend and I third wheeled it with them to get myself some pumpkins!



I’m really lucky in that my local pumpkin patch is kind of A M A Z I N G! I go to Sinkland Farms for their annual pumpkin festival. In addition to beautiful pumpkins, they offer a ton of activities for every age group. From the corn maze, hay rides, slides, horseback riding, and all the fall food – they have it all!

IMG_2468 2

I’m a woman on a mission, so before we got to relax – we were going to get pumpkins. Shout out to my dad who was the BEST in helping my mom and I get all the pumpkins we wanted. We had the poor guy running around all over the pumpkin patch using a knife to cut the stems of the pumpkins we wanted because we were so far out that no one else had gone out there yet. We were sort of being high maintenance, but we were thriving and Dad didn’t complain once. And I should mention it was pushing 90 degrees!


After we picked our pumpkins, we decided to head into the barn where the Sinkland Farm Brewery is located for some craft beers and live music. I’m not usually a beer drinker, but Sinkland Farm’s has some pretty delish beers. I like the Farmer’s Daughter, Elvis on Velvet, Hokey Hefe, and of course the Pumpkin Fest Ale.


This renovated barn is S T U N N I N G! This is actually where we do prom (go to THIS post to see how we turned this rustic barn into the roaring 20s last year). The decorations are always rotating through, so every time I visit, the barn has a slightly different look. I couldn’t help but snap a million photos of the fall decor! This beautiful barn is actually a popular venue for weddings, visit HERE if you would like to know more!


I love supporting local businesses, and it’s been incredible to see this local farm grow throughout the years. This fall season, I encourage you to support your local businesses! It makes this season so much more meaningful!

Let me see photos of your pumpkin patch trips and the batch of pumpkins you choose! Tag me in your posts and I’ll repost them on my instagram!


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