My Morning + Evening Routine

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but just when I think I have my routine down, a wrench gets thrown in schedule in my routine is slightly thrown off – can you relate?

I have been very intentional since August about a morning and evening routine. Though I can’t say I am able to do this every single day, I can say for the first time in my life I am doing these things MOST days – and that my friends is a win. I know you may feel it too- the lie we tells ourselves that we must do something perfectly or else it doesn’t count or doesn’t matter. Stop that lie in it’s tracks! Give yourself praise and celebrate the little wins!

I am someone who has not had a morning and evening routine the majority of my life. In fact, for a while there, my schedule and days seemed like a hot mess. There was no consistency, and I constantly felt like I was struggling to keep up with life’s daily demands. Since I’ve been intentional about setting morning and evening routines for myself, I feel like I’ve create a bit of space and margin in my life to help me start and end each day unhurried and present. There’s just something so fulfilling starting my day with things that fill my cup, and ending my day with calming rest.


Here’s the plan for today’s post – I’m going to give you the nitty gritty details of my routines, but please know my exact routine may not work for you. After reading this blog, you should reflect on what things fill your cup and what your routine needs to look like to best fit your life. You do you sistah!

I believe the key to coming up with a routine is determining your most effective and creative time. Are you a morning person? Late morning? Afternoon? Evening? I think this is crucial. For me, my personal struggle is carving out time to dedicate towards my blog while also juggling a full-time teaching job that I’m equally dedicated to. It’s something I struggle with every day, and actually can cause me a lot of anxiety if I don’t have some sort of system in place. For a while, I tried to workout before school and then blog after school. However, I noticed I was exhausted and out of my creative juice by the time I sat down to blog after dinner each day. So, I reflected and realized my mornings, before work, are my most productive and creative times. Then – I restructured my routines. I encourage you to do the same. Take some time, do some soul searching and self reflection, and make your routines work for you.


My Morning Routine


I wake up at 4:30am (4:45am if I go to bed a little later) every weekday. I know, it sounds intense. It is, but I have grown to absolutely love this protected me time! After I wake up, I go downstairs heat up my overnight oats and make myself a cup of coffee with frothed almond milk.

I then go to my little craft room (see more pics of my space HERE), complete a devotional that is relevant to my season of life at the moment and spend some time with Jesus. I end by writing in my Start Today Journal.

By this time, it’s usually 5am, and I spend the next 40 minutes blogging. I know, 40 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but I swear these 40 minutes are my most productive. I can bust out an entire blog post and edit several photos, and sometimes even answer a few DMs all in this short time. I attribute this to the fact that this is my most productive time.

My rules for this time – this is my time to be creative and create content. I don’t fill this time with writing emails or administrative work. I made the mistake of doing this a few times, and I ended the forty minutes feeling unfilled and frustrated. I also do not go on my phone (unless I need it to edit photos and answer any of your comments or DMs). I try really hard not to scroll social media during this time so I am not consuming other’s content. I believe this really helps me stay focused and creative.

I then get ready for the day and hit the ground running to teach teenagers about science!


My Evening Routine


This has proven to be harder for me to stick to – I really struggle with turning “off” for the night. But I have been trying my best the past few months to make strides and get better at this.

After I get home from school, I workout and make dinner. I usually need to also run errands, do adult things (like budget), or try and race the sun to capture photos if I wasn’t able to create content over the weekend (I hate doing this, but I travel so much on the weekends I find myself doing this more than not). After all these other real life things are complete I try and get ready for bed around 8 or 8:30pm. I always shower at night. I know, kinda odd for a lot of adults. But I feel like showering at night helps me sleep better and I save myself time in the morning since my hair is dry.

I do a full skincare routine for bed, which is honestly such a little piece of luxury on any day. I love pampering myself for those few minutes… maybe I’m a diva but it makes me happy. Also, side note- my skincare routine changes based upon my skincare needs at the moment since my skin changes with the seasons. My skin is more prone to cystic acne than the average person, so I definitely have to stay on top of my skincare and pay attention to how it is responding.

I diffuse lavender essential oil, rub lavender essential oil on my wrists, and then tuck myself in bed with a good book until I fall asleep. My sweet friend let me borrow The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst which I am really loving.

When I’m able to do all of these things, I am truly able to decompress and give myself some space to reset from whatever happened that day.



Having a set morning and evening routine is something I have recently become very passionate about. I have already noticed differences in my attitude, work ethic, and stress level from having these routines in place.

Do you have a routine? Do you want to start one? Let me know what your routines look like or what your intentions are in starting one!


3 thoughts on “My Morning + Evening Routine

  1. This is my main goal in life right now! I HAVE to take control of my mornings – right now I am a hot mess getting to work on time. I know that if I just structure my morning and stay consistent, my entire day would run more smoothly. AND if I had a good evening routine where I could prepare a little for the next day and set myself up for success, it would be even better! Thanks for the inspiration to be more intentional with this. ❤ Loving your blog!


    1. That’s a great sleep schedule!! I am terrible at actually getting to bed on time, I find it much more difficult than getting up!!


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