DIY Hey There Pumpkin Doormat

Who else has seen those cute Hey There Pumpkin doormats all over Instagram, Pinterest, and etsy?!  I immediately knew I wanted one of these, but wasn’t willing to spend an arm and a leg for one. My solution? DIY it of course!


Decide which option to go with for your stencil 

Before you get going, you need to decide how you will obtain a stencil. I am fortunate, in that a friend of mine as a Cricut machine. So I was able to make my own stencil using poster board. If you have access to this, great! This is definitely the best way to get exactly what you want. But if you don’t – don’t fret. You have a couple of options.


You can purchase a stencil from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. They have phrases and A-Z stencil letters, so you could make any phrase you would like. You can also consider purchasing a stencil from Etsy. I have spent some time searching, and most stencil products are SVG for the Cricuit machine. BUT I bet you could message one of these shops, and see if they can create a custom order of an actual stencil for you. It’s worth asking!

Lastly, if you are a DIY superhero, I came across THIS blog post all about how to make our own stencil without a cutting machine. If you have an X-acto knife and patience, this could be your ticket.


  • plain doormat, similar HERE
  • DecoArt Outdoor Living Black Paint, find it HERE
  • Sponge brush & small liner brush
  • painter’s tape
  • measuring tape
  • stencil (see note above about options to obtain a stencil)*
  • drop cloth
  • optional Krylon Clear interior/exterior spray, find it HERE

*as noted above, I used a Cricut machine for my stencil. I created this stencil using fonts from A Perfect Blend  – and I just noticed they are on sale as I am writing this today (10/14/19)!


Step #1: Measure & place the stencil

This is easily my least favorite part of this entire project, ugh. I really hate measuring. Like REALLY hate it. But it’s imperative for this project to actually measure so your phrase is exactly where you want it on your mat. For my particular mat, I wanted the phrase to be in the center. I took 45 minutes measuring each side until the phrase was exactly where I wanted it. I recommend keeping a notepad nearby to make notes and do math on to determine where your stencil should be placed.


When you are ready, carefully use painters tape to hold the stencil in place. It’s important to know that the stencil can still easily move with the tape, since the doormat bristles are flexible, but this is a way to keep it generally in place!

Step #2: Paint… paint… paint again!

Now you will use a sponge brush to carefully paint the stencil to the doormat. Use up and down movements (sponge painting the stencil), not sweeping brush strokes, to ensure the stencil stays in place. Once you have completed this, wait until the paint is somewhat dry, and repeat.


My first coat was extremely light. The following coats I intentionally used more paint so the phrase was darker. I ended up doing about 3 coats of paint.


Step #3 Use your detail brush

Once the paint is dry, gently lift up your stencil to reveal the phrase! I loved this step, because I was blown away by how good it looked lol! Due to the hand lettered font I chose to use, I then had to go back with a detail brush to fill in the gaps where tape was holding together the letters. I also used the brush to clean up any edges if needed. Let this completely dry over night.

Step #4: Spray and seal the doormat

The outdoor paint for this project indicates it does not need to be sealed. However, since a doormat will get a fair amount of traffic, it doesn’t hurt to seal the doormat, especially if it isn’t covered. Apply 2-3 even, light coats of the spray sealant. Allow to completely dry before use.



Honestly, I was shocked how easy this project was! My friend (who helped me make the stencil) and I keep joking we’re going to quit teaching and open up a doormat shop lol! I love a good DIY and I hope today’s post is inspiring to you to make one of these beauties for yourself! I’m kinda addicted to this process now… thinking I may make one for Christmas!


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