How I Whitened my Teeth (at home) just in Time for the Holiday Season

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring today’s post.  Products generously gifted, opinions always my own. 

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Who here loves red wine, coffee, and rocking darker lipstick during the holiday season? If this describes you, girl, we’re kindred spirits! As we get into sweater weather, I love to wear darker shades of lipstick, but notice that my teeth tend to look yellow with the darker shades (anddddd I’m sure the extra glasses of wine and coffee don’t help either). My family also tends to take a ton of photos during the holidays, and I hate when my teeth don’t look white.


When Smile Brilliant asked if I would test their at home whitening system, I couldn’t wait since I knew my teeth had been taking a beating lately with stains. But I was a bit skeptical based upon my previous experiences with whitening…

My Experience with Whitening in the Past

I’ve tried several different methods of teeth whitening the past few years, but have always been disappointed. From whitening strips, pens, to mouth washes – I’ve tested it all! My personal issue is that I have extremely sensitive teeth to whitening, making it difficult for me to use these methods for the designated amount of time. I also have never had long-term results with these other methods, and notice that shortly after using them my teeth begin to yellow again. But, after researching Smile Brilliant and seeing that their product seemed to offer long-term results and desensitizing gels, I wanted to give it at try before the holidays this year!

So… did it work?

YES!! Y’all know I pride myself on only sharing products that I genuinely love. I tried this product out for the past month, and I can honestly say it works and I am obsessed. My teeth are noticeably whiter and the results have been lasting for several weeks. I also have experienced minimal teeth sensitivity, which I can hardly believe. The stains on my teeth were removed and have been gone since!

after smile brilliant

Why it’s the Best Whitening Method I’ve Tried

Besides the obvious, that this product actually works- even if you have tough stains, I have become a huge fan of Smile Brilliant for several reasons…

1. Custom Trays = Complete Coverage + No Slip

The biggest difference between using Smile Brilliant versus other methods is that they provide custom fitted trays. You send their team an impression of your teeth, and shortly after they mail back custom trays designed specifically for you. How cool is that?! This provides you with ability to completely cover your teeth with whitening gel and the trays don’t slip throughout the whitening process.


2. Ability to Multi-Task #whileiwhiten

Because the trays are a custom fit and don’t slip, I’m able to multi-task while I whiten. This is huge for me because I am such a busy body. I usually whiten at night, so you can find me styling an area to be photographed the next day, meal prepping, or writing blog posts (like right now). For any babes out there with a side hustle, Smile Brilliant’s trays are perfect for you to whiten while you work towards your dreams.


3. Works for Sensitive Teeth

I have always struggled with having extremely sensitive teeth to whiteners. Though Smile Brilliant can be left on for up to three hours, you have the flexibility to start with a shorter session and then work your way up. They also provide the desensitizing gel, which was super helpful for me. This gel is applied after the whitening gel, and was a game changer for me. It eliminated any pain I felt and allowed me to gradually increase the amount of time the whitening gel was applied.

4. Same Method as Performed by Dentists

Last year, I asked my dentist about professional whitening in his office, and I quickly decided it was a “no” for me after hearing the price tag. I love that Smile Brilliant provides a much more affordable at home option that delivers the same professional results.

5. Lasting Results

I’ve touched on this a bit already, but what I really love about this teeth whitening system is that the results are permanent. The system removes stains, both deep and new, and noticeably whitens teeth back to their natural color. I’ve been testing this product for over a month now, and the stains have not returned. I’ve never used a teeth whitening system with results that last this long!


I’m so thankful that I found Smile Brilliant and have been able to incorporate it into my self care routine. Now I can #smilefearlessly in these holiday photos knowing I have a confident, white smile!

*For a chance to win your own teeth whitening kit ($149 value), head to the link below and fill in your information: Smile Brilliant Giveaway Link

*use the code “jackieanneblog15” for 15% anything store wide! 


Tooth Whitening Gel


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