Neutral Christmas Buffet Table Inspiration

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

I started busting out my Christmas decor this past weekend, and it’s got me in quite the cheery mood! Do you gradually decorate for Christmas or do it all at once? I personally try to get the majority done at once, but it always ends up taking longer – especially since we get a real Christmas tree. I can’t start decorating the tree until after Thanksgiving when we usually get a tree, BUT I’m trying to convince my husband to let us pick one up this weekend since Thanksgiving is so late this year.

Once space I always decorate first is this buffet. This year, I’m sticking with a neutral Christmas theme with small pops of red (I’ll be doing a neutral Christmas blog post soon to give you some ideas). I was able to use mostly things I already own to complete this space. It’s simple and makes me happy! This look can be recreated on any sort of sideboard or dresser you own. Here’s how I achieved it:


Flocked Garland with Twinkle Lights

I started decorating this space by laying down the garland. I purchase this garland from Target last year, and I really love it. It’s got a good amount of flocking on it with pinecones.

Target Garland: Artificial Flocked Pine Garland

Amazon Finds: If you can swing it, these are a bit more pricey but look more full than the target garland

Frosted Forest Pine Garland

Pre-Lit Flocked Garland

I placed twinkle lights around the garland, which add a cozy vibe at night and in the early mornings.


Flocked Mid Size Trees

I purchased these trees from Target last year and I love them! They can be used on any sort of sideboard, buffet, or dresser decor. These flocking compliments the garland well! The flock on these particular trees also holds up pretty well, which is hard to find and important for the longevity of your decor.

Target: Flocked Tree in Basket


Pick you Own Christmas Tree Sign

I have wanted a HUGE one of these signs forever! But the reality is, we will likely be moving in the spring, and moving with a big ole sign isn’t ideal. So I was super happy to find that Hobby Lobby had a mini sign on sale 50% off! We love picking a real Christmas tree every year, there’s just something so fun about the process.

Now fun fact – I hung this up using command strips lol. Brandon’s been gone for two months on medical school rotations and I’m not great with anything hand. Using command strips seemed a lot less intimidating than a hammer and nail lol.

Hobby Lobby: Christmas Tree Farm Sign


Books & Pillar Candles

You know I love using books to decorate with, so Christmas is no exception. I can’t find affordable vintage books at any of the antique shops nearby, sooooooooo I do something that a lot of people will hate to hear to get these books. I go to Goodwill, choose white paperback books anddddd rip off the front cover. I know, I know! This feels illegal. But it’s the only way I can get affordable books to decorate with. In my defense, I only rip off the front cover, so the books can still be read. I do feel like a part of my teacher heart dies though every time I do this.

I purchased these candles almost a year ago, and I have used them in my decor throughout the year. I definitely feel like they are a staple that are worth you investing in (and they’re super affordable).

Amazon: Pillar Candles

Metallic Glitter Reindeer

To finish off the look, I decided to add in these little glitter reindeer I have collected over the years. Metallics are part of my Christmas color palette this year and I thought the reindeer were a fun way to tie in a bit of glitter. I’ve had these a while, but I think I found them at TJ Maxx a while ago. They still may have some that are similar, but I found some on amazon as well.

Amazon: Gold Reindeer or Silver Reindeer


Not Pictured: Stockings

We don’t have a fireplace in this townhouse (which I really miss from our apartment), so this is actually where we hang the stockings. I have a mix of red, green, and white stockings. The red and green really aren’t going to fit my theme, so I am thinking of ordering a set of neutral stockings (and getting four because obviously our new kitty needs one). There’s a few options on amazon, but I really can’t tell how good they will look. I may just go back to my usual Target stockings!


Hope this simple look inspires you to get started on your Christmas decorating!

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