DIY Snow Dusted Mason Jar

I was searching Pinterest a couple of weeks ago for Christmas decor inspo and I came across these cute DIY snow mason jars! I knew I had to make these little guys for my house! I’m #teamglitter so I made these extra sparkly to bring all sorts of snow day vibes.

These can go Anywhere in the House to Decorate

These are adorable for practically anywhere to decorate your home for the holidays. You can use them to put a little tea candle inside to add a warm glow, or even just add a small pine branch. I love that they can be added anywhere throughout the house to add a little festive touch – tablescapes, coffee tables, end tables, bathroom counters – the sky is the limit!! They also make great gifts!


Type of Mason Jar

You can use any mason jar (or even a dollar tree vase) for this project. BUT- I really like the look of the jars with a “straight edge” (not sure how to explain this well lol)! I chose to get THESE mini jars (half pint), but THESE larger jars (wide mouth pint) would be beautiful as well!


Materials: Makes about 12 half pint jars

  • Mason jars, THESE are the small ones I used but I also like THESE for a larger option
  • 2 tablespoons extra fine white glitter, THIS is what I used
  • Mod Podge, get it HERE
  • 1 cup Epsom Salt, get it HERE
  • Twine, like THIS
  • live greenery or faux greenery
  • Foam brush or paint brush
  • paper plate or newspaper (to prevent making a mess)
  • small bowl  or cup (to make the “snow” in)
  • optional tea light

IMG_3667 2

Step 1: Make your “snow” mixture

In a small bowl, mix the epsom salt and glitter to create your snow mixture. Set aside!

Step 2: Paint Jar with Mod Podge 

Paint the outside of the mason jar with a thin layer of mod podge. You want to make sure the jar is completely covered, but if it is too thick it will drip. Do this over your paper plate or newspaper to prevent making a mess, and work quickly so it doesn’t dry.

Note: if you head to my instagram and check out the stories, I have highlights showing how thin the mod podge layer should be!

Step 3: Apply Snow and Let Dry

Sprinkle the snow on top of the wet mod podge so it is completely covered. Do this over the plate or newspaper to catch the excess.You want to make sure all of the mod podge is covered.

Allow the mod podge to completely dry (at least 24 hours).

Note: if you head to my instagram and check out the stories, I have highlights showing how to apply the snow mixture.

Step 4: Apply Finishing Touches

Once dry, add a twine bow and greenery to the jar! I wrapped twine around the mouth of the jar several times and secured a piece of live pine behind the bow.

I like putting a tea candle in the jar to bring a warm, cozy vibe to a space. But you can use these jars for anything – let your imagination go wild!

IMG_3658 2

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