Christmas Styled Front Door + Real Talk

Feels like it took me forever to get my front door decorated for Christmas, but with our “ice day” on Friday, I had an unexpected day to finish getting Christmas up around my house!!


Real Talk…

Can I be real for a second? This has been a really busy season of life the past three months (but if I’m being honest, more like six months), and sometimes I feel like I’m barely getting by. I had so many big plans to start my Christmas blog posts in November so I could help you plan decor and recipes before the holidays, but some how time has gotten away from me! For the past three months, I have been traveling at 2-3 weekends a month, and the weekends I am here- well they’re usually jam packed. I just haven’t had as much time as I thought I would to pour into this little space. Add in that Brandon and I haven’t lived together since September (but he’s finally coming home for good this week!!!). And I’ve also been dealing with some health issues the past three months. At some point I’ll open up more about what is going on with my health, I’m just not quite ready yet. It’s just been a lot, ya know?! I’m hoping after the holidays things settle down and I can start to get more consistent with this space again. But until then – thanks for hanging in there with me! Social media can be a highlight reel, and I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder that we are all have non-instagram worthy moments and seasons of life.


Christmas Front Door

Alright now for the main event, my Christmas front door! I added a little more details to this space as compared to last year (you can read about last year’s door HERE). I didn’t actually buy anything for this space, other than the fresh garland and wreath. Everything else was from last year!


Live Garland and Wreath + Faux Magnolia

I always start my door by adding the wreath and garland. I get my live garland and live wreath from Costco! Who would of thought?! My mom has a Costco membership (we don’t have one where I live), and while she’s getting garland for her house, she always picks up extra for me as well (love ya mom). I’m always so inspired and shocked by how beautiful their fresh garland is!

To hang the wreath, I used a large command hook. For the garland, I just place nails in the door frame and hook the garland around it. Usually Brandon does this for me, but he was out of town on an interview so I had to figure it out on my own. There may be more nails in the door frame than last year, but hey it’s up! I then took some faux magnolia leaves (I bought these last Christmas) and tucked them into the bare spots in the garland and throughout the wreath. I love how full and rich it makes it look!

I carefully strung lights around the garland and that’s it!


DIY Doormat

Using the same technique as I did for my fall doormat (read how to DIY a doormat HERE), I created a Christmas doormat for this year’s season. I am blown away with how easy these are to create each time! I’ll be doing a FAQ and tips blog post on how to DIY a doormat this week, so stay tuned!

I layered this doormat on top of this cute rug from Target!


Styled Chair Corner

I bought a pair of these chairs over the summer for $10 and quickly chalk painted them one weekend. It was such a simple project, but it has been a game changer for my front door! I love having this little chippy chair to greet us and guests as they enter our home!

Next to the chair I have wood logs (lol this are the same ones from last year! Brandon found a random fallen tree and cut them for me. But you can purchase some HERE) in a wire green basket (basket from Hobby Lobby). I also have the same lantern (lantern from Target) and LED light (similar HERE) as I used last year

The newest addition is using this galvanized bucket (I got this from Home Goods last spring). I placed some extra tree trimmings and berry picks in the bucket.


I still want to add a bowl of snacks for our delivery guy, so stay tuned for an updated pic!!



If you are still adding the final Christmas touches to your door, or haven’t even started yet, I hope this look inspired you! Eeek 10 days until Christmas, but who’s counting?!

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