How to Style a Vintage Crock with Faux Florals

Do you know what crocks are? I have to be honest, I didn’t know what a vintage crock was until about a year ago. I honestly envisioned people decorating using their crock pots at first. Then thought maybe they were talking about those ugly shoes with holes. Seriously lol. It wasn’t until I saw inspirational photos on Instagram of other bloggers decorating with vintage crocks for me to totally understand the hype.

I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect size crock since that wouldn’t break the bank. Every time we go to an antique store, I keep my eyes peeled for a good ole crock. I typically run into two problems: they are way too big or they are way too expensive. But somehow the antiquing gods blessed me with stumbling upon this small crock for only $18!! It’s not perfect, it definitely has some charm to it (aka scuff marks and stains), but I really felt like I could make it work with a little TLC and strategic styling.

I played with styling this crock and came up with a full proof way to style one of these guys for any space. If you’ve never styled a crock, join in on this fun trend by using these styling tips and steps!

Wipe down the Crock & Choose a Good Side

Before you do anything, wipe down your crock with a multi-surface spray. I know, I know – this seems obvious, but it’s a simple trick that helps take off some of the grime and dust off of the crock. This honestly made my crock look soooo much better.

You know how people say they have a good side for pictures (like the side your part lays on your face lol)? Choose the good side for your crock. I put the most scuffed up side of my crock facing the wall, showcasing the least worn side. No one knows this guy has a ton of wear and tare but me (and now you too)!


Choose a Color Palette and Gather an Assortment of Greenery and Blooms 

SURPRISE – I did a neutral arrangement lol!! I chose to stick with winter whites for this arrangement. I recommend gathering an assortment of faux greenery. I chose three different types of greenery with different shades, textures, shapes, and height. I also chose to to include three large white peony blooms and a few small white daisies to balance it out.


Arrange Greenery First

Start with arranging the greenery in the crock first. I like to start with my tallest and fullest piece of Eucalyptus and then work the other pieces in. A trick I learned from the floral arranging workshop by the lovely Stonecrop Farm was that florals are stronger in numbers. Meaning, instead of evenly dispersing the greenery throughout the arrangement, I chose to bunch 2-3 stems of each together. It looks more organic and full!

Add in the Blooms

Now nestle the blooms within the greenery, strategically placing them so they face the front of the arrangement. You can see in my crock the eucalyptus is predominantly in the back of the arrangement and taller than the blooms which are towards the front. This creates a bit of dimension to your crock and it doesn’t look cookie cutter. Always work in odd numbers (thanks Stonecrop Farm for that tip too), so I chose to use three peonies and three daisies.

Take a Step Back

Take a step back from your arrangement. I feel like taking a step back helps me view the arrangement and see if there’s anything I want to move around. Sometimes even taking a picture helps me view it in a different perspective. If you’re happy with it, place it in the space and give it another glance to see if you need to rearrange anything.

IMG_4452 2

That’s it! Y’all I am obsessed with this!!!!! If we weren’t moving this spring, I would totally go out and buy 20 more of these! I’m convinced ever vintage, chippy decor lover needs a crock. Did this inspire you to try this trend out? Let me know!


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