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Hi, I’m Jackie!

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by! I’m a homebody who loves to entertain, healthy lifestyle enthusiast (mental + physical wellness are my jam), and a medical school wife! I share attainable tips about home and DIY projects, health/exercise, self care, and personal marriage experiences about being married to a medial school student doctor.

I strive to create a welcoming and warm community that empowers women to create a beautiful + balanced life through attainable inspo, one blog at a time!

With my husband in medical school, we are in a challenging season of life and aren’t on the most typical newlywed journey. But I have a passion for making wherever we are in life feel like home, and I’m hoping this inspires anyone else out there who may also be on a difficult journey!



These are my two loved ones in my life! My husband, Brandon and my best girl, Tira (like Tiramisu)! Brandon is my rock. He’s chosen to become a physician and I could not be any prouder to join him on this journey.

I adopted Tira from the local animal shelter four years ago, and she was by far the best sporadic decision I have ever made! This girl has been with me through everything! She’s my best friend and I could not get through this life without her!




Thanks again for stopping by, I hope that my blog gives you some attainable inspo today!










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